SAS Connectors

Amphenol offers the widest range of connector options to support the implementation of industry-standard interfaces between hard disk drives (HDDs)/ solid state drives (SSD) and the backplanes or drive carrier boards commonly used in enterprise storage and server applications.

We are recognized as a leading supplier of connectors in the Storage industry, with best-in-class signal integrity performance for 12G & 24G SAS and SAS/ PCIe (U.2) products.

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SAS Connectors | Storage Connectors | 12G & 24G SAS & SAS/ PCIe (U.2)
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  1. SlimSAS™
    PROVEN, HIGH SPEED, NEXTGENERATION SAS-4 INTERFACE SlimSAS™ connectors address issues in next-generation...
  2. Mini-SAS HD Internal
    Mini-SAS HD Internal
    NEXT-GENERATION SAS STORAGE INTERFACE Amphenol Mini-SAS High Density connector system is the next generation...
  3. SlimSAS™ Low Profile Connectors - U10 Series
    SlimSAS™ Low Profile Connectors - U10 Series
  4. SAS 4.0 Connectors
    SAS 4.0 Connectors
    CONNECTORS FOR HIGH SPEED STORAGE SERVERS SAS 4.0 connectors for next-generation servers with 24Gb/s...
  5. SAS 3.0 Connectors
    SAS 3.0 Connectors
    CONNECTORS FOR HIGH SPEED STORAGE SERVERS SAS 3.0 connectors for next-generation servers with 12Gb/s...
  6. SAS/PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3) Connectors
    SAS/PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3) Connectors
    HIGH SPEED DESIGN WITH FLEXIBILITIES SAS/PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3) connectors comes with 32GT/s (PCIe...
  7. SAS/PCIe 4.0 (U.2&U.3) Connectors
    SAS/PCIe 4.0 (U.2&U.3) Connectors
  8. SAS/PCIe 3.0 (U.2) Connectors
    SAS/PCIe 3.0 (U.2) Connectors
    HIGH-SPEED SFF8639 DESIGN WITH FLEXIBILITIES SAS/PCIe 3.0 connectors are designed for next-generation...
  9. MEZZOSTAK® 0.50mm Pitch 5.2mm Stacked Height
    MEZZOSTAK® 0.50mm Pitch 5.2mm Stacked Height
    HERMAPHRODITIC CONNECTORS "MATES-TO-ITSELF" DESIGN Mezzostak® 0.50mm is a robust fine-pitch...
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What are SAS Connectors?

SAS connectors can be explained in simple terms as the advanced versions of older parallel technologies having thinner yet longer cables. These connectors offer a reduced cross talk and enhanced performance as the serial interfaces have fewer conductors in cables, compared to other parallel interfaces.

What are SAS Connectors Used For?

SAS connectors are basically used for connecting peripheral devices to computers and larger storage servers. Amphenol offers a wide range of storage connectors that support various speed requirements and offer flexibility. While the earlier storage interfaces like SATA connectors supported client SSDs, SAS Connectors are much faster and targets enterprise SSDs as well as supports PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5.

SAS vs SATA Connectors

Are SATA and SAS connectors the same? This is one of the most common questions we come across. SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and SAS stands for Serial Attached SCSI. Both are storage connectors that are generally used in accessing mass storage devices, particularly external hard drives, and magnetic tape drives. However, SATA can be considered as a predecessor to SAS. The SAS4.0 connectors are backward compatible with SATA interfaces, making it an economical solution for high-performance upgrades.

SAS 3.0 Connectors

Amphenol's SAS 3.0 connectors are 29-position receptacle and plug connectors capable of supporting data rates up to 12Gb/s. These connectors are offered in a wide range of vertical and right-angle configurations and are ideal for server and storage equipment, HDDs, and HDD carriers. It also features hot-plugging and blind-mating, connector misalignment compensation, and a PCB retention mechanism for robust SMT attachment, compatible with SFF8680 specification, and these connectors supports both SAS and SATA drives.

SAS 4.0 Connectors

The more advanced SAS 4.0 connectors offer an even higher speed of 24Gb/s and are offered in 29 positions, similar to SAS 30. These connectors are compatible with SFF8681 specification and come with staggered contact lengths for hot plugging applications compatible to 12G, 6G and 3G SAS connectors, these connectors also support SATA drives, addressing the requirements of both mission-critical and bulk storage applications. The stamped clips act as connector retainers for robust PCB attachment, provide additional mechanical strength after soldering and the molded guideposts prevent misalignment. The receptacles are available in SMT, Press-fit, and hybrid terminations and the headers are available in right angle and vertical orientations.

SAS/PCIe® Connectors (U.2&U.3)

Amphenol also offers various generations of SAS/PCIe® connectors. The SAS/PCIe receptacle, and header enables high-speed Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard disk drive (HDD) interface as well as Peripheral Component Express (PCIe)-based devices and are offered in 68 positions. While SAS/PCIe 3.0 connectors are designed for next-generation servers with 12Gb/s speeds, SAS/PCIe® 4.0 (U.2&U.3) connectors come with 16GT/s (PCIe® lanes) or 24Gb/s (SAS lanes) speeds to meet the demands of next-generation servers. We also offer SAS/PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3) connectors compatible with SFF8639 specification and capable of meeting 24Gb/s SSDs and HDDs or PCle based devices at 32GT/s.

Other SAS Solutions from Amphenol

Apart from this, Amphenol offers 0.60mm pitch SlimSAS™ connectors to meet advanced challenges within storage devices such as bulk cable form factor restrictions and the introduction of multi-lane storage devices. We also offer Mini-SAS High-Density connectors for high density, high-speed application requirements with double the port density of standard MiniSAS connectors in 1x1, 1x2 and 1x4 port options.