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Single Pair Ethernet visions: AMPHENOL Introducing the founding members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network: AMPHENOL
EazyPwr™ Connectors The connector family provides fool-proof install and field termination capability
Griplet® Miniature IDC Connectors Reliable connection and ease of installation for Wire-to-Board terminations
Amphenol Overview
DesignCon 2018 Amphenol WalkThrough
DesignCon 2018 Paladin 112Gbps Interconnect Channel
DesignCon 2018 112G PAM4 with Mini Cool Edge Connector with Credo Semiconductor
DesignCon 2018 32G NRZ with PCIe Gen5 Connector with MultiLane
DesignCon 2018 300Gbps Embedded Optical Transceiver
DesignCon 2018 Data Center Cabling, Active Copper
DesignCon 2018 ExaMAX+ 8 Pair DMO Connector System
DesignCon 2017 Paladin DMO Running 50G NRZ with Credo
DesignCon 2017 Paladin DMO
DesignCon 2017 ExaMAX
DesignCon 2017 ExaMAX Standard Backplane 56G PAM4
DesignCon 2017 ExaMAX Plus DMO 112G PAM4 with Credo
DesignCon 2017 ExaMAX Backplane 56G PAM4 with Credo
DesignCon 2017 ExaMAX Plus DMO 112G PAM4
DesignCon 2017 Cable Backplane
DesignCon 2017 OSFP
Millipacs® High Speed Connectors Millipacs® is a 2.00mm modular, Board-to-board and Cable-to-board Interconnection system....
VerIO™ Connector A versatile, robust and compact I/O system featuring multiple standard connector interfaces such as RJ45, PoE, Signal, Power and Hybrid.
Minitek Microspace™ Crimp-to-Wire Connector Minitek MicroSpace™ Crimp-to-Wire connector platform's unique design enables LV214 Severity-2
OCTIS™ - Outdoor IO System The versatile OCTIS™ I/O system, using multiple industry standard interfaces.
OCTIS™ - Power Cable Assembly The OCTIS™ Power version is suitable for high power applications.
DesignCon 2016 - Highlights DesignCon 2016 - Highlights from Amphenol FCI
Demo at DesignCon 2016 100Gb/s Active Cables & 56Gb/s Backplane Solutions with BiFast
Demo at DesignCon 2016 Power Solutions Demo
Demo at DesignCon 2016 QSFP Cable Assembly with Texas Instruments
Demo at DesignCon 2016 ExaMAX® Demo with Avago
Demo at DesignCon 2016 ExaMAX® Demo with Credo
PwrBlade+™ - Slide-to-Lock FCI's PwrBlade+™ - Slide-to-Lock demonstration

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Amphenol FCI India Introduction to Amphenol FCI India