XCede<sup>®</sup> Power Connectors

XCede® Power Connectors



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Features & Benefits
  • high-speed backplane system
  • Resonance dampening shield aids in reduction of crosstalk resonances
  • Two ground vias between differential pairs allow elongated anti-pads to improve impedance control
  • Optional short compliant pins permit deeper back-drilling and dual diameter vias to enhance return loss performance
  • Intermate electrically and mechanically interchangeable equivalency as a licensed second source to Amphenol TCS
  • Daughter card monoblocks combine signal, guide and power modules to simplify board application
Target Market / Application
  • Switches
  • Networking
  • Access
  • Transport
  • Wireless
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurement
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Configure Your Product

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Test Report

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