XCede<sup>®</sup> HD



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Features & Benefits
  • Data rates scalable from 6 Gb/s to 20 Gb/s to support system upgrades without costly redesigns
  • Compliance with the Hard Metric form factor requirements outlined in EN 61076-4-101:2001
  • Compliance with the Hard Metric form factor requirements outlined in EN 61076-4-101:2001
  • Meets standards, such as the IEEE 802.3ap, having practical performance requirements geared for future data rates and makes a significant impact on current systems
  • Highest density with 1.8mm pitch
  • Proprietary crosstalk reducing technologies
  • Excellent common mode performance with proven EMI and signal integrity advantages
  • Miniaturized compliant pins
  • Improves impedance matching and enables deeper backdrilling
  • Leverages on application specific derivatives, including coplanar and orthogonal configurations
  • Provides a complete solution for customer's unique requirements
  • Shield contacts mate before signal contacts providing up to 4mm minimum wipe
  • Enables hot plugging
  • XCede®HD backplane sidewall strength is 2X the strength of other popular backplane connectors
  • Stands out among competition in terms of durability
  • Embedded capacitor available
  • For additional margin and overall system cost savings
  • 28 to 84 differential pairs per inch (11 to 33 differential pairs per centimeter)
  • Meets the high density needs of today's challenging architectures
  • Meets standards, such as the IEEE 802.3bj
  • Exceeds the 10GBASE-KR ICR guidelines and ensures compliance with future 28 Gb/s specifications
Target Market / Application
  • Hubs
  • Switches
  • Router
  • Access
  • Transmission
  • Base Station
  • Wireless Base Station
  • Telecom
  • Datacom/Networking Equipment
  • Optical Transport
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Blade Server
  • Storage System
  • Networking
  • Supercomputer
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment
  • Emulation Equipment
  • Medical Instrument
  • Military Equipment
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