PwrBlade<sup>®</sup> Cable Assembly



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Features & Benefits
  • 48A/individual power contact; 30A/contact for 10 adjacent contacts at 30°C temperature rise in still air
  • right angle board connector enables front I/O applications
  • Vertical board connector enables power distribution to mid-board components
  • Panel-mount option or squeeze-to release latches are available to accommodate various system configurations
  • Supports multiple wire sizes including 8 - 14 AWG wire for power contacts and 22 - 26 AWG for signal contacts
  • Power contact spacing options exist for AC (300V max) or DC (200V max) power
  • Provides power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control
  • Number and placement of power and signal contacts are highly configurable for custom power needs
Target Market / Application
  • Telecommunications
  • Datacom/Networking
  • Power supplies
  • Servers
  • Storage Enclosures
  • Communications equipment
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Part Numbers

Part Numbers

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Cable Length
  1. 0.31m 1 item
  2. 0.34m 1 item
  3. 0.56m 1 item
Component Type
  1. Cable Assemblies 3 items
Current Rating
  1. 48A max. for One Powered Contact, 30A max. for all Contacts Powered 3 items
Current Rating per contact
  1. 41 - 70A 3 items
  1. Receptacle 3 items
Guide Feature
  1. Guide Pin Pocket 3 items
Header Pin Pattern (Left to Right)
  1. Power/Signal/Power 2 items
  2. Signal 1 item
Number of Contacts (Power)
  1. 0 1 item
  2. 4 1 item
  3. 8 1 item
Number of Contacts (Signal)
  1. 8 1 item
  2. 12 1 item
  3. 64 1 item
  1. Vertical 3 items
Pitch (Power)
  1. 6.35mm (0.250in) 1 item
  2. 7.26mm (0.300in) 1 item
Pitch (Signal)
  1. 2.54mm (0.100in) 3 items
Receptacle Pin Pattern (Right to Left)
  1. 2ACP+8S+2ACP 1 item
  2. 4P+12S+4P 1 item
  3. 64S 1 item
Wire Size
  1. 2x16AWG 1 item
  2. 8AWG 1 item
Basic+ Program
  1. No 3 items
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Status active

PwrBlade® Cable Assembly, Power Connectors, 4P+12S+4P 2x16AWG Pannel Mount 0.34M.

Product Drawing Check Stock
Status active

PwrBlade® Cable Assembly, Power Connectors, 64S 22AWG Slid-to-Lock 0.56M.

Product Drawing Check Stock
Status active

PwrBlade® Cable Assembly, Power Connectors, 2ACP+8S+2ACP 8AWG Squeeze-to-Release to Pannel Mount 305MM.

Product Drawing Check Stock
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