OSFP Copper Cable Assemblies 200G/400G



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Features & Benefits
  • 200Gb or 400Gb aggregate bandwidth capacity; dual 8-pair or single 16-pair wire supported
  • Supports both 25Gbps NRZ and 50Gbps PAM 4 signal transmission
  • Optimized PCB interface board with auto soldering process
  • Optimized signal integrity performance
  • 15 watt single port dissipative heat capacity
  • Enables use of copper as well as short and long reach optical applications
  • EEPROM in cable assembly
  • Programmable to customer requirements
  • 32AWG-26AWG cable sizes
  • Provides cost and performance-optimized solutions across multiple cable assembly lengths
  • Integrated heat sink and air flow channels as part of module design
  • Fully compliant with optical module design, easier for customer system development
  • Double ended as well as splitter cables
  • Adaptable to accommodate older legacy interfaces
Target Market / Application
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Low latency communications systems
  • Network interface card (NICs)
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Servers
  • Networked storage systems
  • External Storage Systems
  • High Performance Computing (APC) Applications
  • Data Center networking
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