OSFP Loopback 200G/400G



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Features & Benefits
  • Integrated heat sink & air flow channels – part of the OSFP's integrated heat management design
  • Allows for up to 16 watts of heat dissipation capability per port
  • Adaptable design that provides user adjustable dynamic control of different power levels per OSFP MSA power class definition
  • Modules are field upgradable enabling customized programs to customer specific requirements
  • Available with passive or active (repeater) high-speed data path configurations
  • Enables diagnostics debugging  and system validation testing
  •  Available with and without thermal loading
  • Inexpensive testing of host hardware ports
  • 2 LED system indicators for  thermal loopbacks
  • Visual indication of module power settings and interrupt flags
  • On-board diagnostic monitoring for  thermal loopbacks
  • On-board voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Signal conditioning of OSFP control lines – for both passive & active modules
  • Control line compliance with MSA –( passive models follow the DAC requirements and thermal models follow optical requirements)
  • Customization for EEPROM per OSFP MSA
  • Enables system communication over I2C buss
  • Enables 25Gb/ NRZ and 50Gb PAM4 per channel transmission
  • 200G / 400G aggregate bandwidth capacity 
  • RoHs compliant
  •  Environmental friendly
  • Compatible with all mating connector & cage configurations
  • Allows for maximization of linear port to port density
  • Part of Amphenol’s overall OSFP interconnect system
  • Comprehensive OSFP product family offerings-  cabling & connector solutions for copper or optical based solutions
Target Market / Application
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Low latency communications systems
  • Network interface card (NICs)
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Servers
  • Networked storage systems
  • External Storage Systems
  • High Performance Computing (APC) Applications
  • Data Center networking
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Custom solutions supported
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