• High density, high speed, discrete contact, array connector
    - Flexible ground distribution optimizes high speed signal integrity
    - 10Gb/s differential pair performance with under 1% cross-talk
    - 28Gb/s high speed performance documented for 4mm and 6mm stack height
    - Online s-parameter files and signal integrity performance reports improve design accuracy and time-to-market
    - 1.27mm x 1.27mm grid provides 71 contacts per cm2 density to save space
    - Dual-point, long wipe contacts
  • Wide range of sizes and PCB stack heights increase mechanical design flexibility
    - 6 PCB Stack heights: 4mm to 14mm
    - 8 sizes: 81 to 528 positions
  • Revolutionary, trusted BGA interconnect platform
    - high density standard BGA attachment lower assembly costs by using standard SMT processes
    - BGA natural surface tension provides self-alignmen and self-leveling for multiple connector usage
    - Patented BGA contact attachment preserves solder ball positioning
    - Optimized PCB routing enhances electrical performance ball positioning
  • Quality and Reliability
    - Time-tested reliability record includes Telcordia GR-1217-CORE and NPS-25298-2 options
    - 22+ year old solder joint reliabiltity per IPC-SM-785
    - 17 Billion + lines shipped to customer satisfaction
    - Precious metal plating options satisfying varying customer needs for environmental resistance
Target Market / Application
  • Transmission
  • Access
  • Switching
  • Optics
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Storage
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial controls & equipment
  • Analytical & diagnostic
  • Medical
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