Leap<sup>®</sup> On-Board Transceiver



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Features & Benefits
  • 1" x 1" layout grid
  • Transceivers can be placed in 2-dimensional layout grid with 1" pitch between adjacent transceivers
  • Uses 2.5x less board space than QSFP28 (12-channels)
  • Ethernet 100GBASE-SR4 compliance (per quad)
  • Ethernet transmission distance up to 100m (multi mode fiber)
  • Interoperable with other 100GBASE-SR4 compatible transceivers
  • Ethernet CAUI-4 Compliance (per quad)
  • Electrically compatible with 25Gb/s PHY ASICs
  • Compatible with Amphenol MT optical cables
  • Easy to connect
  • Uses off-the-shelf MT optical interface
  • Compatible with Amphenol socket
  • No through holes to connect transceiver - one side of board only
  • Easy to install
  • Leverages Amphenol's expertise in solderable board connectors
  • Two wire control and diagnostic interface
  • Allows for transceiver optimization and monitoring connection discovery, channel diagnostics, and signal status monitoring
  • Data rate transparent from 1.25Gb/s to 25.8Gb/s
  • Supports non-standard protocols in this range of datarates. Note CDR operational bit rate of 25-25.8Gb/s
  • Integrated heat sink design
  • Select from a number of pre-fabricated designs to meet your system needs
  • Water cooled version available
  • Custom designs available with approval
  • Class 1M laser version available
  • Fail safe operation that meets all safety requirements
  • Enhanced Bit Error Rate (1e-12) requires no or limited FEC
  • Lower system latency and better system performance
  • Controllable clock and data recovery circuits
  • Individual CDR circuits for each Transmit and Receive channel
  • Each CDR can be independently turned on/off
  • CDR operational bit rate of 25-25.8Gb/s includes 25.78125Gb/s (100GbE).
  • Programmable input equalization
  • 11dB of signal peaking at 12GHz allows for recovery of suboptimal signal condition
  • Programmable output pre-emphasis
  • Compensates for PCB trace losses to ensure proper signal conditioning
  • Low power consumption
  • Less than 3W (typ.) power consumption w/o CDR
  • RoHS 6/6 compliance
  • Does not contain hazardous materials
Target Market / Application
  • Data Center
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
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