Conan® 1.00mm Connector



    Vertical configuration
  • 9 to 69 positions
  • 4.15mm to 7.0mm stack heights increment
  • Comprehensive range of sizes and stack heights support diverse electronic packaging schemes
    Right angle configuration
  • 31, 41, 51, 69 position increment
  • Comprehensive solution to satisfy all customers needs
  • Vertical housing and terminal profile guarantees support of up to 5Gb/s
  • Compatible with PCIe® Gen 2 high speed performance on selected stack heights
  • Vertical versus vertical mating configuration
  • Useful for parallel board stacking application
  • Vertical receptacle versus RA header mating configuration
  • Useful for perpendicular stacking application
  • Audible "click" sound during mating
  • Ensures secure mating interconnection
  • Polarization feature of housing
  • Prevents mismating
  • Multiple packaging options available
  • Meets various feeding processing needs
  • Locating pegs option
  • Facilitates ease and accuracy during manual assembly
  • Metal hold down option
  • Enables better retention on to the PCB
  • RoHS compliant and lead free
  • Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
Target Market / Application
  • Communications and Networking Equipment
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