Busbar Power Distribution



  • Broad range of power connector solutions includes high current density and low contact resistance products, touch-proof designs, low-profile solutions and options with integrated signal contacts for power control
  • Customized designs integrate connectors and other components such as PCBs, breakers, switches, capacitors and cables
  • Low inductance, distributed capacitance and low resistance minimize impedance, voltage drop, and noise
  • Integration of a bus bar can replace thick copper traces and reduce board layers
  • Improved thermal characteristics compared to cables
  • More efficient utilization of cabinet space and less complexity compared to wire harnesses
  • Simplified designs can reduce component count and cost
  • Fast, error-free and cost-effective installation and lower field service costs
  • Improved quality results from predictable and repeatable electrical performance
  • Design capability includes analysis of current flow, thermal characteristics, voltage drop and inductance to ensure maximum efficiency
Target Market / Application
  • Servers
  • Supercomputers
  • Storage Systems
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