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  1. PwrMAX® Power Connector
    PwrMAX® Power Connector
    HIGH DENSITY POWER AND SIGNAL CONNECTOR SYSTEM The PwrMAX® connector family offers a compact means... DETAILS
  2. PwrMAX® Ortho Power Connector
    PwrMAX® Ortho Power Connector
    100 AMPS, ORTHOGONAL APPLICATION POWER CONNECTOR The PwrMAX® Ortho power connector offers a compact... DETAILS
  3. PwrBlade ULTRA® Connector System
    PwrBlade ULTRA® Connector System
    The PwrBlade ULTRA® connector is the newest addition to the PwrBlade® product line. This new... DETAILS
  4. HCI® High Power Connector
    HCI® High Power Connector
    The HCI® High Power backplane/midplane connector series addresses applications demanding additional... DETAILS
  5. HCI® Connector System
    HCI® Connector System
    The HCI® connector system anticipates the continued trend toward increased system power demands that... DETAILS
  6. Pwr TwinBlade® Cable Assemblies
    Pwr TwinBlade® Cable Assemblies
    The Pwr TwinBlade® cable system is designed to support applications that demand the supply of high... DETAILS
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