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At Amphenol ICC Power Solutions, we are committed to leading the way in technology innovations around the world. Our advanced global network consists of 2 state-of-the-art test labs, 5 fully integrated manufacturing facilities and a globally staffed R&D team which gives us the ability to provide innovative and award leading designs for our customers.

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As power consumption and energy costs continue to increase, our engineers have focused on solutions that use less energy and therefore offer energy savings to our customers. Our newest high performance connectors were developed with efficiency in mind using highly advanced materials and designs with less electrical resistance. We’re also focused on developing high performance electro-platings and supporting the next generation of power distribution architectures.


Amphenol ICC has developed two new silver-based plating technologies. Testing has shown that both AGT® and GCS® offer between a 10% and 20% increase in current carrying capacity, as compared to the same products that are plated with either gold or GF-pdNi.

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What is Hyperscale Computing?

Hyperscale computing refers to the facilities required in distributed computing environments to efficiently scale from a few severs to thousands, and is commonly used in environments such as Big Data and Cloud Computing. Hyperscale architecture is typically made up of individual small servers, called “Nodes” which are grouped together to provide inexpensive computing, storage, and networking. Read More

PwrBlade® Connector Family - Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most widely accepted and influential power connectors in the industry today, the PwrBlade® power connector. From its initial release, PwrBlade® was considered a game-changer for its high performance stamped and formed contacts. Since then, the PwrBlade® family has served as the de-facto standard in data centers . Read More
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Featured Products
Featured Products

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, also called the 4th industrial revolution, refers to the digital transformation of manufacturing; where humans, computers, and automation will come together and interact in entirely new ways. The Industry 4.0 movement looks to re-shape the way factories are run today by converging autonomous machines and robotics with third platform technologies such as, Big Data/Analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing , artificial intelligence, and much more. Read More
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No matter what the power need may be, Amphenol ICC has a solution for you! Our Power Solutions team is dedicated to standing by you every step of the way from concept and design to prototype and final production, in order to fulfill your custom connector requirements.