Optical Transceivers

An optical transceiver is a single unit with the functionality of both a transmitter and receiver. Through fiber optic technology, in the form of pulses of light, optical transceivers convert the electrical signal from a switch or router to an optical signal that can be transmitted and received. This is done at very high speeds, across long distances. It can be plugged into or embedded into another device within a data network that can send and receive a signal.

Amphenol has a comprehensive range of transceivers available for various applications, including fiber channel storage and 5G front haul. With our products, you can select the right technology for your specific application. In addition to quality products at a competitive price, we will also provide you with exceptional customer service and all the information you need to make a calculated decision.

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  1. 400G QSFP DD SR8
    400G QSFP DD SR8
    A 400GB/S HIGH-SPEED OPTICAL TRANSCEIVERS This optical transceiver comes with a maximum link length...
  2. QSFP28 100G Transceivers
    QSFP28 100G Transceivers
  3. CFP 100G Transceivers
    CFP 100G Transceivers
  4. 50G SFP56 LR Transceivers
    50G SFP56 LR Transceivers
    SUPPORTS 53.12Gb/s DATA RATE & LOW POWER The module is compliant with IEEE 802.3 cd, SFF-8472 Rev...
  5. 50G SFP SR Transceivers
    50G SFP SR Transceivers
    SUPPORTS 53.125Gb/s DATA RATE & LOW POWER The module is compatible with IEEE 802.3 cd 50G SR....
  6. 64G FC SR Transceivers
    64G FC SR Transceivers
    SUPPORTS 57.8GB/S DATA RATE & LOW POWER The module is Compatible with 64G FC-PI-7. Low power...
  7. QSFP+ 40G Transceivers
    QSFP+ 40G Transceivers
    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, SMALL SIZE, HIGH SPEED and HIGH RELIABILITY Amphenol provides full range of 40G...
  8. XFP 10G Transceivers
    XFP 10G Transceivers
    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, HIGH SPEED, HIGH RELIABILITY Amphenol's XFP 10G optical transceivers include...
  9. SFP28 25G Transceivers
    SFP28 25G Transceivers
    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, HIGH SPEED, HIGH RELIABILITY Amphenol 25G SFP28 optical transceiver includes...
  10. SFP+ 10G Transceivers
    SFP+ 10G Transceivers
    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, HIGH SPEED, HIGH RELIABILITY Amphenol's SFP+ 10G optical transceivers include...
  11. SFP Transceivers
    SFP Transceivers
    LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, SMALL SIZE, HIGH RELIABILITY Amphenol's SFP optical transceivers include...
  12. Leap® On-Board Transceiver
    Leap® On-Board Transceiver
    SMALL, FAST AND POWER EFFICIENT Amphenol's 300Gb/s Leap®High-Speed Optical Module is faster,...
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Fiber Optic Transceivers

An optical transceiver is a module in a fiber-optic network that converts an electric signal into optical light. With the support of lasers, this optical data, or these light pulses, can travel a hundred miles through the cable at up to 100 GB/s.

There are different types, or form factors, of fiber optic transceivers available, and each type differs in terms of data type, the distance required within the site network, and speed. The higher the transmission rate of the optical transceiver, the more complex the structure.

Form Factors

The form factor of a transceiver indicates its size and function. The Multisource Agreement (MSA) serves as a standard for transceivers’ design and production, to ensure that all models of the same form factor have the same size and function. The application of local oscillators ensure no false signals are radiated.

SFP Transceivers

The Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) is a network interface transceiver ideal for several applications, particularly data communications and telecommunication.

On networking hardware, a SFP interface is a modular slot that is compatible with the transceiver, allowing for an optic fiber or copper cable connection. SFP28 is a 25Gb/s interface that uses one 28 Gb/s lane. This form factor supports single- and multi-mode fiber connections, direct attach copper, and active optic cable.

SFP+ Transceivers

SFP+ is a multi-rate transceiver that offers the best value in storage-area networks (SAN) and 8.5Gb/s to 11Gb/s data communication applications. This module is an improved version of the SFP transceiver, but it has the same size.

The SFP+ module is also compatible with SFF-8472, which allows for real-time parameter monitoring, including optic input and output power, temperature, and supply voltage. The SFP+ form factor is about 30% smaller than the XFP module, and it uses less energy.

QSFP+ Transceivers

The Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) module integrates well in high-performance data centers and computing networks with high-density 40G connectivity. This form factor features four independent reception and transmission channels that can terminate to another QSFP+ module. Alternatively, you can distribute communications to four 10Gb SFP+ modules.

According to the QSFP+ Multisource Agreement, the 40G QSFP connectors can be duplex LC or 12-fiber MPO. The former is suitable for the transmission of data over long distances using single-mode fiber. The latter is ideal for data transmission of short distances with a multi-mode fiber.

CFP Transceivers

The C Form-factor Pluggable (CFP) products use modern technology and are relatively large, to support 100Gb/s.

This model is popular in the United States because it supports a wide range of link lengths, data rates, and physical media-dependent interfaces. Additionally, the CFP form factor supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber.

XFP Transceivers

The 10Gb Small Form-factor Pluggable (XFP) offers the best performance, price, and data rate for telecommunication and computer network settings. This form factor is relatively old, but businesses use it throughout the United States. XFP applications include 10Gb/s fiber channel, 10 Gigabit ethernet, and synchronous optical networking.

Flexible Networking Solutions

When it comes to data communications and networking, Amphenol offers the latest technology at a reasonable price. We offer a comprehensive range of pluggable modules to meet your requirements regarding data rates, distance, and cost. Please browse through the products on our site and contact us so we can create a custom solution for your needs today.