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  1. Micro USB 3.0 Connector
    Micro USB 3.0 Connector
    5GB/S MICRO FORM-FACTOR CONSUMER INTERFACE Micro USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) SuperSpeed connector delivers... DETAILS
  2. USB 2.0 Connector
    USB 2.0 Connector
    0.5GB/S CONSUMER INTERFACE USB 2.0 connector delivers a data rate of up to 480Mb/s. The Universal Serial... DETAILS
  3. Micro USB 2.0 Connector
    Micro USB 2.0 Connector
    0.5GB/S MICRO FORM-FACTOR CONSUMER INTERFACE Micro USB 2.0 connectors deliver a data transfer rate up... DETAILS
  4. Mini USB 2.0 Connector
    Mini USB 2.0 Connector
    0.5GB/S MINI FORM-FACTOR CONSUMER INTERFACE Mini USB 2.0 connector delivers a data transfer rate up to... DETAILS
  5. HDMI Connectors
    HDMI Connectors
    HIGH SPEED CONSUMER AUDIO AND VIDEO INTERFACE HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is smaller,... DETAILS
  6. RJ11 Modular Jack Connector
    RJ11 Modular Jack Connector
    ALL-PURPOSE TELEPHONE CONNECTOR RJ11 is the most commonly recognized registered jack. It used as a standardized... DETAILS
  7. RJ45 Modular Jack Connector
    RJ45 Modular Jack Connector
    Amphenol ICC Modular Jacks include single and multi-port solutions that are widely used in Telecom, Data,... DETAILS
  8. Smart Card Connectors
    Smart Card Connectors
    MEMORY CARD CONNECTORS FOR FULL SIZE SMART CARD Smart Card connectors are 8- or 16-pin connectors primarily... DETAILS
  9. SD Memory Card Connector
    SD Memory Card Connector
    MEMORY CARD CONNECTOR FOR CAR MULTIMEDIA SD Memory Card Connector is tailor-made for the Car Multimedia... DETAILS
  10. Industrial Mini I/O Connector
    Industrial Mini I/O Connector
  11. QSFP DD
    Amphenol ICC's QSFP DD interconnect system is comprised of a 76 position, 0.8mm pitch connector built... DETAILS
  12. OSFP
    Amphenol ICC's OSFP interconnect system has 60 contacts per port, with a 0.6mm contact pitch and... DETAILS
  13. RCx
    RCx is a simple, high density, low cost, passive connector and cable system specifically designed for... DETAILS
  14. Modular Jack - Stacked
    Modular Jack - Stacked
    Stacked 2x1, 2x2, and 2x4 port configurations With multiple shield and LED options Amphenol's broad... DETAILS
  15. Modular Jack - Vertical
    Modular Jack - Vertical
    Vertical Through-hole and surface mount LED options available 8P8C and 6P6C configurations Amphenol's... DETAILS
  16. Modular Jack - Right Angle
    Modular Jack - Right Angle
    Right Angle Through-hole and surface mount With and without LEDs 8P8C and 6P6C configurations Single... DETAILS
  17. Waterproof Micro USB 2.0
    Waterproof Micro USB 2.0
    Shielded Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 Type B Connectors Amphenol ICC's Waterproof Micro USB 2.0 comes... DETAILS
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