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Amphenol ICC is the leader in high-speed, high-density connection systems, designing and manufacturing the industry's leading connectors and backplane systems. Amphenol solves system design challenges with integrated interconnect solutions for applications in the networking, communications, storage, and computer server markets.

As bandwidth demands increase, the challenge is to balance greater performance requirements with lower overall system costs. Our unique combination of in-depth system expertise and broad spectrum of high-performance interconnect backplane products helps meet this challenge head on with real world solutions. Early in the design cycle, Amphenol ICC helps customers understand important design trade-offs with integrated backplane system solutions that meet increasing bandwidth needs by optimizing the entire signal transmission path and boosting channel performance.  

Amphenol’s broad range of products enable design engineers to achieve their performance targets. Whether the priority is a proven cost-optimized solution or the best performing backplane connector on the market, Amphenol ICC is your source for reliable high-speed and high-density connectors.


  • More than 30 years of experience leading the backplane interconnect market
  • Blind mate compatible with board mounted backplane connectors
  • XCede®, Paladin®, and ExaMAX® cable connectors are all in multiple pair count configurations
  • Configurable to support custom pin counts, guidance and form factor requirements
Server Server


  • Solves performance limitations with PCB materials
  • Rack to Rack I/O Style Cables
  • Internal Fly Over Cables
  • Backplane Cable Cartridges, Cabled Midplanes and Integrated Rack Solutions


  • Extends the reach of passive copper to 100+Gb/s performance
  • Largest offering of backplane and flyover cable solutions
  • Proven twin ax wire performance and attachment reliability
  • Enables system performance optimization and lower overall cost
  • Market leading high performance backplane and mid-board / near ASIC connectors


  • Cable routing / net list optimization
  • Back shells, guide modules, latching mechanical structures for harnesses
  • Program management
  • Signal integrity simulations

Amphenol Spectra Strip Twin-ax Performance Cable Technology

  • Spectra Strip SkewClear® twin-ax performance cable has been optimized for cabled backplanes
  • Patented longitudinal shielding technology yields ultra low loss performance
  • Enables system performance beyond 112Gb/s PAM4
  • Improved attenuation; linear and low insertion loss performance
Spectra Spectra

Industry Leading Cable Backplane Process and Test Technology

Leading Photo
  • Automated wire attachment processes using welding technology optimized for copper wire
  • 100% high speed test coverage utilizing industry standard equipment with proprietary software
  • High volume manufacturing in low cost regions in both North America and Asia