Board to Board Connectors

You can end your search for the perfect board-to-board connector at Amphenol. We offer high-quality and new solutions that are tailored to fit your needs. Our board-to-board connectors are manufactured and designed to help make your life easier by providing best-in-class mechanical and signal integrity performance in a broad range of products coupled with development resources at your disposal.

Guide Locating Post
Component Type
  1. 2 Wall Signal Header 2mm
  2. 2 Wall Signal Header 3mm
  3. 4 wall signal header 2mm
  4. 4 wall signal header 3mm
  5. Accessory
  6. Active Latch
  7. Application Tool
  8. Backplane coaxial Insert
  9. Backplane Power Connectors
  10. Backplane Signal Connectors
  11. Backplane Signal Mezzanine Connectors
  12. Board Connector
  13. Bottom entry
  14. C.T.W Housing
  15. Cable clamp
  16. Cable Connector
  17. Card Edge
  18. Coding
  19. Coding Key
  20. Coding Part
  21. Connector
  22. Coupler
  23. Cover
  24. Crimp-to-Wire
  25. Floating
  26. Graphics Card Retention mechanism
  27. Guide
  28. Guide Module
  29. Guide Module Receptacle
  30. Guide Pin for 8 Row Header
  31. Guide Socket
  32. Guiding Pin System
  33. Header (Coding)
  34. Header Key
  35. Hermaphroditic
  36. Housing
  37. IDC
  38. Insert
  39. Keying Pin
  40. Kit with Short Latch
  41. Kit with Standard Latch
  42. Latch
  43. Latching Frame
  44. Lock Frame
  45. Locking Keys for I/O Cable Connector Shrouds
  46. Locking Latch
  47. Long, Double Side
  48. Middle Header (Coding)
  49. Middle Receptacle (Coding)
  50. Orthogonal Signal Header
  51. Orthogonal Signal Receptacle
  52. PCB
  53. Pierce Block
  54. Power Header 6mm
  55. Rack Connector
  56. Receptacle
  57. Receptacle (Keying)
  58. Receptacle Key
  59. Right Angle Header
  60. Right Angle Receptacle
  61. Right Receptacle (Coding)
  62. Shielded Receptacle
  63. Short, Double Side (Guide Pin)
  64. Shroud
  65. Shroud - Type N
  66. Shroud -Type A
  67. Shroud -Type AB
  68. Shroud -Type AB 19
  69. Shroud -Type AB 22
  70. Shroud -Type AB 25
  71. Shroud -Type B
  72. Shroud -Type B 19
  73. Shroud -Type B 22
  74. Shroud -Type C
  75. Shroud -Type CR
  76. Shroud -Type D
  77. Shroud -Type DE
  78. Shroud -Type E
  79. Shroud -Type F
  80. Shroud -Type FR
  81. Shroud Stand off
  82. Shroud with Latch Frame
  83. Shrouded
  84. ShroudType A (6+6) Pos.
  85. Signal Header 2mm
  86. Signal Header Mezzanine 2mm
  87. Signal Header Mezzanine 3mm
  88. Signal Receptacle 2mm
  89. Signal Receptacle 3mm
  90. Straddle - Mount Connector
  91. Strain Relief
  92. Top entry
  93. Unshrouded
  94. Vertical - Mount Connector
  95. Vertical - Mount Connector, Press-Fit Termination
  96. Vertical - Mount Connector, Solder Termination
  97. Vertical - Mount Connector, Surface Mount Termination
  98. Vertical - Mount Connector, Through Hole Termination
  99. Wire Key
  100. without Latch
Current Rating per contact
Height Mated
  1. 10
  2. 10.00mm (0.394in)
  3. 10.00mm (0.394in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 14.00mm (0551in)
  4. 10.00mm (0.394in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 14.00mm (0551in) | 17.00mm (0.669in)
  5. 10.00mm (0.394in) | 13.00mm (0.511in) | 18.00mm (0.709in) | 23.00mm (0.905in) | 26.00mm (1.024in)
  6. 12
  7. 12.00mm (0.472in) | 15.00mm (0.590in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 25.00mm (0.984in) | 28.00mm (1.102in)
  8. 12.00mm (0.472in) | 15.00mm (0.590in) | 23.00mm (0.905in) | 27.00mm (1.062in)
  9. 12.00mm (0.472in) | 17.00mm (0.669in) | 25.00mm (0.984in)
  10. 12.00mm (0.472in) | 17.00mm (0.669in) | 25.00mm (0.984in) | 27.00mm (1.062in)
  11. 12.00mm (0.472in) | 23.00mm (0.905in) | 27.00mm (1.062in)
  12. 13.00mm (0.511in) | 15.00mm (0.590in) | 17.00mm (0.669in)
  13. 13.00mm (0.511in) | 15.00mm (0.590in) | 17.00mm (0.669in) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  14. 13.00mm (0.512in) | 16.00mm (0.63in)
  15. 13.00mm (0.512in);14.00mm (0.551in);15.00mm (0.591in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  16. 13.00mm (0.512in);14.00mm (0.551in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  17. 13.00mm (0.512in);15.00mm (0.591in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  18. 13.00mm (0.512in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  19. 14.00mm (0551in) | 17.00mm (0.669in) | 22.00mm (0.866in) | 27.00mm (1.062in) | 30.00mm (1.181in)
  20. 15.00mm (0.590in)
  21. 15.00mm (0.590in) | 18.50mm (0.728in)
  22. 15.00mm (0.590in) | 18.50mm (0.728in) | 30.50mm (1.201in)
  23. 15.00mm (0.590in) | 19.50mm (0.767in) | 24.50mm (0.964in) | 26.5mm (1.043in)
  24. 15.00mm (0.590in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 30.00mm (1.181in)
  25. 15.00mm (0.590in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 28.00mm (1.102in),
  26. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 18.00mm (0.709in) | 19.00mm (0.748) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  27. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  28. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 25.00mm (0.984in) | 30.00mm (1.181in) | 33.00mm (1.299in)
  29. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 32.00mm (1.260in)
  30. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 22.00mm (0.866in)
  31. 17.00mm (0.669in);18.00mm (0.709in);20.00mm (0.787in)
  32. 18.00mm (0.708in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 22.00mm (0.866in)
  33. 18.00mm (0.708in) | 20.00mm (0.787in) | 22.00mm (0.866in) | 25.00mm (0.984in)
  34. 18.50mm (0.728in)
  35. 18.50mm (0.728in) | 23.00mm (0.905in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 30.00mm (1.181in)
  36. 19.50mm (0.767in) | 23.00mm (0.905in) | 35.00mm (1.377in)
  37. 19.50mm (0.767in) | 24.50mm (0.964in)
  38. 19.50mm (0.767in) | 35.00mm (1.377in)
  39. 2.50mm (0.098in)
  40. 20.00mm (0.787in)
  41. 20.00mm (0.787in) | 25.00mm (0.984in)
  42. 20.00mm (0.787in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 32.00mm (1.260in)
  43. 20.00mm (0.787in);21.00mm(0.827in);23.00mm(0.906in)
  44. 22.00mm (0.866in) | 25.00mm (0.984in)
  45. 23.00mm (0.905in) | 25.00mm (0.984in) | 27.00mm (1.062in)
  46. 23.00mm (0.905in) | 25.00mm (0.984in) | 27.00mm (1.062in) | 30.00mm (1.181in)
  47. 23.00mm (0.905in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 36mm (1.417in) | 38mm (1.496in)
  48. 24.50mm (0.964in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  49. 24.50mm (0.964in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  50. 25.00mm (0.984in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 36.00mm (1.417in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  51. 26.00mm (1.023in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 30.00mm (1.181in) | 33.00mm (1.299in)
  52. 26.00mm (1.024in) | 28.00mm (1.102in) | 30.00mm (1.181in)
  53. 26.5mm (1.043in) | 30.00mm (1.181in) | 42.00mm (1.653in)
  54. 27.00mm (1.062in) | 30.00mm (1.181in) | 38.00mm (1.496in) | 42.00mm (1.653in)
  55. 27.00mm (1.062in) | 32.00mm (1.260in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  56. 27.00mm (1.062in) | 32.00mm (1.260in) | 40.00mm (1.574in) | 42.00mm (1.653in)
  57. 28.00mm (1.102in) | 36.00mm (1.417in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  58. 3.60mm (0.142in)
  59. 3.90mm (0.154in)
  60. 30.5mm (1.200) | 35.00mm (1.377in) | 40.00mm (1.574in) | 42.00mm (1.653in)
  61. 35.00mm (1.377in) | 40.00mm (1.574in)
  62. 4.00mm (0.157in) | 4.50mm (0.177in) | 5.50mm (0.217in)
  63. 4.3mm
  64. 4.3mm ; 6.0mm
  65. 4.70mm (0.185in)
  66. 4mm-6.48mm
  67. 5.00mm (0.197in) | 8.00mm (0.315in)
  68. 5.00mm (0.197in);20.00mm (0.787in)
  69. 5.00mm (0.197in);6.00mm (0.236in);7.00mm (0.276in);8.00mm (0.315in)
  70. 5.00mm (0.197in);6.00mm (0.236in);8.00mm (0.315in)
  71. 5.00mm (0.197in);7.00mm (0.276in);8.00mm (0.315in)
  72. 5.00mm (0.197in);7.00mm (0.276in);9.00mm (0.354in);13.00mm (0.512in)
  73. 5.00mm (0.197in);8.00mm (0.315in)
  74. 5.00mm (0.197in);9.00mm (0.354in);13.00mm (0.512in)
  75. 5.00mm (0.197in);9.00mm (0.354in);13.00mm (0.512in);17.00mm (0.669in)
  76. 5.00mm (0.197in);9.00mm (0.354in);13.00mm (0.512in);20.00mm (0.787in)
  77. 5.2mm
  78. 5.50mm (0.217in)
  79. 5.80mm (0.228in)
  80. 6.00mm (0.236in) | 10.00mm (0.394in) | 14.00mm (0.551) | 18.00mm (0.709in)
  81. 6.00mm (0.236in);10.00mm (0.394in);14.00mm (0.551in);18.00mm (0.709in)
  82. 6.00mm (0.236in);10.00mm (0.394in);14.00mm (0.551in);21.00mm(0.827in)
  83. 6.00mm (0.236in);21.00mm(0.827in)
  84. 6.00mm (0.236in);8.00mm (0.315in);10.00mm (0.394in);14.00mm (0.551in)
  85. 6.48mm
  86. 6.60mm (0.260in)
  87. 6mm (0.236in) | 10.00mm (0.394in)
  88. 7.00mm (0.276in)
  89. 7.00mm (0.276in);11.00mm (0.433in)
  90. 7.00mm (0.276in);8.00mm (0.315in);9.00mm (0.354in);10.00mm (0.394in)
  91. 7.00mm (0.276in);9.00mm (0.354in);10.00mm (0.394in)
  92. 7.00mm (0.276in);9.00mm (0.354in);11.00mm (0.433in);15.00mm (0.591in)
  93. 7.95mm
  94. 7mm
  95. 7mm, 8mm, 10mm
  96. 8
  97. 8.00mm (0.315in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 16.00mm (0.629)
  98. 8.00mm (0.315in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 16.00mm (0.629) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  99. 8.00mm (0.315in);10.00mm (0.394in);12.00mm (0.472in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  100. 8.00mm (0.315in);12.00mm (0.472in)
  101. 8.00mm (0.315in);12.00mm (0.472in);16.00mm (0.635in)
  102. 8.00mm (0.315in);12.00mm (0.472in);16.00mm (0.635in);20.00mm (0.787in)
  103. 8.00mm (0.315in);12.00mm (0.472in);16.00mm (0.635in);23.00mm(0.906in)
  104. 8.00mm (0.315in);23.00mm(0.906in)
  105. 8mm
  106. 9.00mm (0.354in) | 10.00mm (0.394in) | 11.00mm (0.433) | 12.00mm (0.433in)
  107. 9.00mm (0.354in) | 12.00mm (0.472in)
  108. 9.00mm (0.354in);10.00mm (0.394in);11.00mm (0.433in);12.00mm (0.472in)
  109. 9.00mm (0.354in);10.00mm (0.394in);12.00mm (0.472in)
  110. 9.00mm (0.354in);11.00mm (0.433in);12.00mm (0.472in)
  111. 9.00mm (0.354in);12.00mm (0.472in)
  112. 9mm
  113. 10mm
  114. 13.00mm (0.512in) | 14.00mm (0.551in) | 15.00mm (0.591in) | 16.00mm (0.630in)
  115. 13.00mm (0.512in) | 14.00mm (0.551in) | 15.00mm (0.591in) | 16.00mm (0.63in)
  116. 16.30mm (0.642in)
  117. 17.00mm (0.669in) | 18.00mm (0.709in) | 19.00mm (0.748in) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  118. 3.00mm (0.118in)
  119. 3.00mm (0.118in) | 4.00mm (0.157in)
  120. 4.00mm (0.157in)
  121. 4.00mm (0.157in);5.00mm (0.197in);6.00mm (0.236in);7.00mm (0.275in)
  122. 4.00mm (0.157in);8.00mm (0.314in)
  123. 4.0mm
  124. 5.00mm (0.197in)
  125. 5.00mm (0.197in) | 6.00mm (0.236in)
  126. 5.00mm (0.197in) | 6.00mm (0.236in) | 7.00mm (0.276in) | 8.00mm (0.315in)
  127. 5.00mm (0.197in) | 9.00mm (0.354in) | 13.00mm (0.512in)
  128. 5.00mm (0.197in) | 9.00mm (0.354in) | 13.00mm (0.512in) | 17.00mm (0.669in)
  129. 5.00mm (0.197in);9.00mm (0.354in)
  130. 5.50mm (0.217in) | 6.00mm (0.236in) | 6.50mm (0.256in)
  131. 5.50mm (0.217in) | 6.50mm (0.256in) | 7.00mm (0.276in)
  132. 6.00mm (0.236in)
  133. 6.00mm (0.236in) | 10.00mm (0.394in) | 14.00mm (0.551in) | 18.00mm (0.709in)
  134. 6.00mm (0.236in);10.00mm (0.394in)
  135. 6.30mm (0.248in)
  136. 6.42mm (0.253in)
  137. 6mm
  138. 7.00mm (0.275in);11.00mm (0.433in)
  139. 7.00mm (0.276in) | 11.00mm (0.433in) | 15.00mm (0.591in) | 19.00mm (0.748in)
  140. 8.00mm (0.314in);9.00mm (0.354in);10.00mm (0.394in);11.00mm (0.433in)
  141. 8.00mm (0.315in)
  142. 8.00mm (0.315in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 16.00mm (0.630in)
  143. 8.00mm (0.315in) | 12.00mm (0.472in) | 16.00mm (0.630in) | 20.00mm (0.787in)
  144. 8.26mm (0.325in)
  145. 9.00mm (0.354in) | 10.00mm (0.394in) | 11.00mm (0.433in) | 12.00mm (0.472in)
  146. 9.93mm (0.391in)
  147. 12.88mm (0.507in)
  148. Determined by mating header
Number of Walls
Orientation Key Option (Mating Interface)
Plating Contact Area
  1. 0.00076mm Au min
  2. 0.025μm (1μin) Gold
  3. 0.05µm (2.0µin) Gold, with Nickel underplating
  4. 0.05μm (2.000μin) Gold
  5. 0.065μm (2.559μin) Gold Flash over 0.69μm (27.165μin) Palladium-Nickel
  6. 0.077μm (3.000μin) Gold
  7. 0.127μm (5.000μin) Gold
  8. 0.2µm (8µin) Gold with Nickel underplating
  9. 0.2µm (8µin) Gold with Palladium Nickel underplating
  10. 0.2µm( 8µin.) Gold
  11. 0.20μm (7.874μin) Gold / 0.05μm (1.968μin) Gold
  12. 0.20μm (7.874μin) Gold / 2.00μm (78.740μin) Tin
  13. 0.20μm (7.874μin) Gold/GXT™
  14. 0.20μm (7.874μin) Gold/Tin
  15. 0.20μm (8μin) Gold
  16. 0.25μm (10μin) Gold
  17. 0.25μm (10.000μin) Gold Flash
  18. 0.38μin.m (15μ Gold
  19. 0.38μm (14.960μin) Gold over 0.76μm (30μinch) Nickel
  20. 0.38μm (14.960μin) Gold/GXT
  21. 0.38μm (14.960μin) GXT
  22. 0.38μm (14.960μin) GXT over 0.76μm (30μinch) Nickel
  23. 0.38μm (15μin) Gold
  24. 0.38μm (15μin) GXT
  25. 0.38μm (15.000μin) GXT
  26. 0.65µm(26µin) paladin nickel 80/20,0.1µm (4µin) Gold with 1.50µm (50µin) to 3µm (120 µin) Nickel underplating
  27. 0.75μm (29.528μin) Gold
  28. 0.76
  29. 0.76µm (30µin) Gold with Nickel underplating
  30. 0.76μin.m (30μ Gold
  31. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Gold / GXT™
  32. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Gold/GXT
  33. 0.76μm (29.921μin) GXT over 0.76μm (29.921μin) Nickel
  34. 0.76μm (29.921μin) GXT™
  35. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Min Gold
  36. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Palladium Nickel
  37. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Palladium Nickel with 0.10μm(3.937μin) Gold Flash
  38. 0.76μm (29.921μin) Selective Gold
  39. 0.76μm (30μin) Gold
  40. 0.76μm (30μin) GXT
  41. 0.76μm (30μin.) Gold
  42. 0.76μm (30μin.) Gold over 1.27μm (50μin.) Nickel
  43. 0.76μm (30.000μin) GXT
  44. 0.80μm (31.496μin) Gold
  45. 1.00μm (39.370μin) Gold
  46. 1.02μm (40.157μin) C.I. Gold
  47. 1.02μm (40.157μin) Gold
  48. 1.27μm (50μin) Gold
  49. 1.27μm (50.000μin) Gold Special
  50. 1.27μm (50.000μin) GXT Special
  51. 1.5mm
  52. 1.5mm (0.059in)
  53. 10μin Gold
  54. 15μin Gold plating over all, 40 to 120μin Nickel underplating over all
  55. 2μin Gold plating at contact area, 40 to 120μin Nickel underplating over all
  56. 2.00μm (78.740μin) Gold
  57. 2.00μm (78.740μin) Matte Tin
  58. 2.00μm (78.740μin) Tin
  59. 2.00μm (79μin) Tin
  60. 2.00-5.00μm(78.740μin-196.850μin) Tin
  61. 2.00-6.00 μm (78.740-236.220 μin) Tin
  62. 2.00-6.00μm (78.740-236.220μin) Matte Tin
  63. 2.00-6.00μm (78.740-236.220μin) Tin
  64. 2.00-6.00μm(78.740-236.220μin) Matte Tin
  65. 2.54μm (100μin) Tin
  66. 2.54μm (100μin) Tin Lead
  67. 2.54μm (100.000μin) Matte Tin
  68. 2.54μm (100.000μin) Tin
  69. 2.54μm (100.000μin) Tin Lead
  70. 2.54-4.06μm (100.000-159.842μin) Tin
  71. 3.81μm (150μin) Tin Lead
  72. 3.81μm (150.000μin) Matte Tin
  73. 30μin.
  74. 4µin Min Gold over 26µin Pa-Ni
  75. 4μin Min.,Gold plating at contact area; 2μin~ 6μin Gold plating at solder area; 40 to 120μin Nickel underplating over all
  76. 5.00μm (196.850μin) Tin
  77. 5.00μm (196.850μin) Tin Lead
  78. 5.00μm (197μin) Tin Lead
  79. 5.08μm (200.000μin) Tin
  80. 5.08μm (200.000μin) Tin Lead
  81. APP
  82. Au flash over Ni under plating
  83. Gold
  84. Gold Dot
  85. Gold Flash
  86. Gold flash over Nickel under plating
  87. Gold or GXT, Performanced based
  88. Matte Tin
  89. N/A
  90. Nickel Sulfamate
  91. NiS
  92. Performance Based Plating
  93. Telecom Plating Option that meets Telcordia GR-1217-CORE and NPS25298-2 Specifications
  94. Tin
Polarization Feature
Spacing (Board - approx. after soldering)
Stack Height
  1. 10.00mm (0.394in)
  2. 10mm, 11.5mm, 14mm
  3. 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
  4. 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm
  5. 10mm, 13mm, 18mm, 23mm, 26mm
  6. 10mm, 15mm, 17mm
  7. 10mm, 20mm, 22mm
  8. 10mm, 25mm, 27mm
  9. 10mm, 28mm, 30mm
  10. 12.00mm (0.472in)
  11. 12.50mm (0.492in)
  12. 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm
  13. 12mm, 17mm
  14. 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm
  15. 14mm, 17mm, 22mm, 27mm, 30mm
  16. 15.00mm (0.591in)
  17. 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
  18. 15mm, 18.5mm
  19. 15mm, 18.5mm, 30.5mm
  20. 15mm, 19.5mm, 24.5mm
  21. 15mm, 19.5mm, 24.5mm, 26.5mm
  22. 15mm, 19mm, 20mm, 27mm, 30mm, 35mm
  23. 15mm, 20mm, 27mm, 30mm
  24. 15mm, 21mm, 25mm
  25. 15mm, 23mm, 27mm
  26. 15mm, 28mm, 30mm
  27. 15mm, 30.5mm
  28. 17.00mm (0.669in)
  29. 17mm, 20mm
  30. 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 33mm
  31. 17mm, 20mm, 28mm, 32mm
  32. 17mm, 22mm
  33. 17mm, 23mm, 27mm
  34. 17mm, 25mm
  35. 17mm, 25mm, 27mm
  36. 17mm, 30mm, 38mm, 42mm
  37. 18.50mm (0.728in)
  38. 18.5mm, 23mm, 28mm, 30mm
  39. 18.5mm, 23mm, 30mm
  40. 18.5mm, 30.5mm
  41. 18mm (0.709in)
  42. 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm
  43. 18mm, 20mm, 22mm25mm
  44. 18mm, 24mm, 28mm
  45. 19.50mm (0.768in)
  46. 19.5mm, 23mm, 35mm
  47. 19.5mm, 24.5mm
  48. 19.5mm, 35mm
  49. 19mm, 23mm, 24mm, 31mm, 34mm, 39mm
  50. 20.00mm (0.787in)
  51. 20mm, 24mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm
  52. 20mm, 25mm
  53. 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm
  54. 20mm, 26mm, 30mm
  55. 20mm, 28mm,
  56. 20mm, 28mm, 27mm
  57. 20mm, 28mm, 30mm
  58. 21mm, 23mm, 24mm, 26mm, 31mm, 36mm
  59. 22mm, 25mm
  60. 23.00mm (0.906in)
  61. 23.5mm, 30mm, 42mm
  62. 23mm, 25mm, 27mm, 30mm
  63. 23mm, 35mm
  64. 23mm, 36mm, 38mm
  65. 24.5mm, 28mm, 40mm
  66. 24.5mm, 40mm
  67. 25.00mm (0.984in)
  68. 25mm, 27mm, 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm
  69. 25mm, 28mm, 36mm, 40mm
  70. 25mm, 31mm, 35mm
  71. 26.00mm (1.024in)
  72. 26.5mm, 30mm, 42mm
  73. 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 33mm
  74. 27mm, 31mm, 32mm, 39mm, 42mm, 47mm
  75. 27mm, 32mm, 39mm, 42mm
  76. 27mm, 40mm, 42mm
  77. 28.80mm (1.134in)
  78. 28mm, 36mm
  79. 28mm, 36mm, 27mm
  80. 28mm, 36mm, 38mm
  81. 28mm, 36mm, 40mm
  82. 30.50mm (1.201in)
  83. 30.5mm, 35mm, 40mm
  84. 30.5mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm
  85. 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mm
  86. 30mm, 35mm, 42mm, 45mm
  87. 30mm, 36mm, 40mm
  88. 30mm, 38mm, 42mm
  89. 32mm, 40mm
  90. 32mm, 40mm, 27mm
  91. 32mm, 40mm, 42mm
  92. 35.00mm (1.378in)
  93. 35mm, 39mm, 40mm, 47mm, 50mm, 55mm
  94. 35mm, 40mm
  95. 39.00mm (1.535in)
  96. 4.00mm (0.157in)
  97. 40mm, 24.5mm
  98. 4mm, 10mm
  99. 4mm, 5.5mm, 8mm
  100. 4mm, 6mm
  101. 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
  102. 5.00mm (0.197in)
  103. 5.5mm, 11.5mm
  104. 5mm - 15mm
  105. 6.00mm (0.236in)
  106. 6mm, 10mm
  107. 6mm, 12mm
  108. 7.00mm (0.276in)
  109. 7mm, 8mm, 10mm
  110. 8.00mm (0.315in)
  111. 8mm, 14mm
  112. 9.00mm (0.354in)
  113. N/A
Voltage Rating
Preferred Parts
Board-to-Board Connectors | FCI Basics | BTB Connector | PCB Connector | Fine Pitch & Low Profile
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  1. ComboStak® and PowerStak® Board-to-Board Connectors
    ComboStak® and PowerStak® Board-to-Board Connectors
    HYBRID AND MEDIUM POWER SOLUTION ComboStak® and PowerStak® are compact, hybrid (signal and power)...
  2. PCIe® M.2 Gen 5 Card Edge Connectors
    PCIe® M.2 Gen 5 Card Edge Connectors
    HIGH DENSITY HIGH PERFORMANCE CONNECTOR Amphenol's PCIe® M.2 Gen 5 Connectors provide 67 contacts...
  3. ExaMAX+® High Speed Backplane Connector System
    ExaMAX+® High Speed Backplane Connector System
    The connector system that delivers superior electrical performance at speeds up to 56Gb/sHIGH BANDWIDTH...
  4. Elite®
    ULTRA-HIGH DENSITY BACKPLANE INTERCONNECT SOLUTION Ultra-High density 56+ Gbp/s PAM4 interconnect platform...
  5. 0.35mm Micro Board-to-Board 1.00mm Stack Height - 101 Series
    0.35mm Micro Board-to-Board 1.00mm Stack Height - 101 Series
    HIGH DENSITY MICRO BOARD-TO-BOARD Amphenol's 101 series are 0.35mm pitch micro board-to-board connectors...
  6. 0.35mm Micro Board-to-Board 0.60mm Stack Height - 103 Series
    0.35mm Micro Board-to-Board 0.60mm Stack Height - 103 Series
    HIGH DENSITY MICRO BOARD-TO-BOARD Amphenol's 103 series are 0.35mm pitch micro board-to-board connectors...
  7. Paladin® 112Gb/s Backplane Connector
    Paladin® 112Gb/s Backplane Connector
  8. ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Backplane Connector 92Ohm
    ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Backplane Connector 92Ohm
    MIGRATION PATH TO HIGHER BANDWIDTH APPLICATIONS ExaMAX® backplane connector system is designed for...
  9. ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Backplane Connector 85Ohm
    ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Backplane Connector 85Ohm
  10. ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Orthogonal Connector
    ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High-Speed Orthogonal Connector
    DIRECT-MATE AND MIDPLANE ORTHOGONAL CONFIGURATIONS The ExaMAX® high-speed orthogonal connector system...
  11. XCede® HD2
    XCede® HD2
  12. ExaMAX® VS High-Speed Backplane Connector
    ExaMAX® VS High-Speed Backplane Connector
    FORWARD MATING AND FOOTPRINT COMPATIBLE The ExaMAX® VS backplane system is a scalable, cost-optimized...
  13. XCede® HD Plus
    XCede® HD Plus
    28G ADDITION TO THE XCEDE® HD FAMILY XCede® HD plus leverages the same core technologies as standard...
  14. XCede® HD
    XCede® HD
  15. BergStak HS™ 0.80mm Board-to-Board Connector
    BergStak HS™ 0.80mm Board-to-Board Connector
    FLEXIBLE SOLUTION FOR HIGH SPEED APPLICATION FCI Basics BergStak HS™ connector family is known...
  16. BergStak® 0.80mm Shielded Board-to-Board Connector
    BergStak® 0.80mm Shielded Board-to-Board Connector
    RELIABLE, HIGH-SPEED SHIELDED CONNECTORS FCI Basics BergStak® 0.80mm connector family is known for...
  17. XCede Plus Backplane Connector
    XCede Plus Backplane Connector
    DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE 32G DATA RATE REQUIREMENTS XCede Plus leverages the same core technologies as...
  18. XCede® Backplane Connector
    XCede® Backplane Connector
    ENABLING FUTURE DATA RATES While maintaining the same mating interfaces, this connector design provides...
  19. Crossbow™
  20. X2
    DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE 56G DATA RATE REQUIREMENTS X2's upgraded platform maintains backward mating...
  21. AirMax VS® 85Ohms High-Speed Backplane Connector
    AirMax VS® 85Ohms High-Speed Backplane Connector
  22. AirMax VS
    AirMax VS® Connectors for CompactPCI® Serial System
  23. AirMax VSe® High-Speed Backplane Connector
    AirMax VSe® High-Speed Backplane Connector
  24. AirMax VS® Coplanar High-Speed Backplane Connector
    AirMax VS® Coplanar High-Speed Backplane Connector
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Board to Board Connector

Board-to-board connectors connect signals between two printed circuit boards (PCBs) without a cable. At Amphenol, we offer a variety of board-to-board options to fit your specific needs and design these connectors to provide you with the best performance for each application.

  • Backplane - Two daughter cards connected through a common PCB in the back of a chassis form a backplane system. A Right-angle connector on each daughter card connect to the backplane with vertical connectors. Backplanes are typical in top-of-rack switch applications or HHD clusters.
  • Coplanar - Applications where the PCBs are on the same plane and connected by two right-angle connectors.
  • Orthogonal - Applications where the connecting PCBs are orthogonal to each other. This improves airflow and is useful in contemporary networking configurations which implement the spine and leaf structure.
  • Mezzanine - Two connected parallel printed circuit boards at fixed distance apart.
  • Signal - General purpose connectors. The signature of these connectors is the open pin field and are they are generally for low voltage-low current applications. An open pin field means each pin is its own connection and patterns of signals and ground can be determined by the end user. This makes these connectors applicable for the most applications, but they may not be suitable for high performance applications. Bergstak is unique in this group because it has the capability for high-speed signaling.
  • Card Edge - Only requires one connector, because the male connector is formed by plating pads on a PCB. Card edge PCBs can connect perpendicular to the mother board as in PCIe, or can connect in a coplanar configuration.

Benefits of our Board to Board Connectors

Signal Integrity
Signal integrity is a term used to describe the electrical quality of an interconnect. The electrical quality of an interconnect is related to power loss, reflections, and crosstalk. Power loss through an interconnect is quantified as "insertion loss" and is how much power is lost as the signal passes through the interconnect. Reflections are quantified as "return loss" and is how much power is reflected from the interconnect back to the transmitter. Crosstalk is noise generated by other nearby signals that degrades signal performance. Each metric has design targets related to the application. The applications are generally based on a specific protocol or standard.

Amphenol offers board-to-board solutions for every industry standard application. XCede and AirMAX are excellent and proven board-to-board connectors for backplane, mezzanine, orthogonal, or coplanar solutions up to 25Gb/s. The applications for these connectors include IEEE 10GBASE-KR and 25GBASE-KR, or OIF CEI-6G, CEI-11G, CEI-28G. ExaMAX and Paladin are suited for applications of 25Gb/s to 112Gb/s. Applicable industry standards for these best-in-class connectors are include IEEE 25GBASE-KR, 50GBASE-KR, and 100GBASE-KR or OIF CEI-28G, CEI-56G, CEI-112G. Our board-to-board connectors can also be used in PCIe applications for riser cards or control signals. XCede and AirMAX are appropriate for PCIe Gen 1, 2, or 3 and ExaMAX and Paladin should be used for PCIe Gen 4 or higher.

Amphenol also offers Millipacs®, a 2.00 mm grid Interconnection system in hard metric configuration designed in accordance to IEC 917, IEC 61076-4-101, Telcordia GR-1217-CORE standards and fulfills Compact PCI bus architecture. Feature-packed for rugged environments: two-beam twisted tulip contact, header pin length choice for hot swapping, EMI shielding, coding, guiding, high operating temperature, they are ideal for use in rugged and reliable applications in multiple market segments including Industrial & Instrumentation, medical, aviation, railway, military, space, automotive, telecom.

Excellent signal integrity extends to our board-to-board connectors as well. For mezzanine, we offer best-in-class signal integrity with very small stack heights. MEG-Array 56 is design for 56Gb/s applications at a stack height of 4mm. Mini-cool Edge has been optimized for 112G card edge applications.

Amphenol also provides Cool Edge, a high speed and high power card edge connector system that supports most Board-to-Board applications in electronics market. These versatile solutions address multiple standards like PCIe, SAS, SATA, Gen 4/5, OCP 3.0, EDSFF, Gen Z and offer multiple BTB configurations such as mezzanine, coplanar, mid-plane and backplane. Designed as Open Pin Field and hot plug capable make them ideal for applications such as Solid State Drive, NVMe SSD, enterprise data center, Network Interface Card and Add-In Card.

Amphenol's extensive range of vertical PCIe® Gen 4 and Gen 5 connectors include options for surface mount, through hole solder, press-fit and straddle mount terminations. These 1.00mm pitch, vertical and right angle card edge connectors enable all generations of PCI Express® signaling in desktop PCs, workstations, and servers. The connector designs provide support for 2.5GT/s (Gen 1), 5.0GT/s (Gen 2), 8.0GT/s (Gen 3) and recently upgrade to 16GT/s (Gen 4), even further to Gen 5 32GT/s per differential signal pair.

Finally, Bergstak® is an excellent option where cost and performance is paramount. It can deliver speeds in excess of 32Gb/s and has enough pins for both the high-speed and side-band signals. Offering micro pitch from 0.4mm to 0.8mm, connector position options from 10 to 200, and stack height flexibility from 3mm to 20mm, these connectors are designed for use in Industrial, telecom, datacom, automotive and medical applications. This comprehensive range of products is also available in shielded version.

Density is the number of differential pairs and other signals within an area. To calculate density, divide the number of signals of a connector by the area its footprint occupies. It is typically quantified in differential pairs per inch squared. The density of a connector is directly related to its column and row pitch. As the pitch becomes smaller, the density increases. As the pitch of SERDES BGAs decreases, demand increases for connector pitch reduction.

Amphenol offers board-to-board solutions for low and high-density applications. In applications where one rack separation matters, AirMAX, XCede, and ExaMAX have solutions up to 128 differential pairs per connector. BergStak® 0.8mm is a comprehensive, versatile and flexible solution designed for high speed and high density. Other applications may necessitate density within the chassis instead of the front panel. In these applications we offer connectors with tight pin pitch. Examples are MEG-Array which is a grid of 1mm high speed signals and grounds or BergStak as low as 0.4mm signals spacing.

Stack Heights
In mezzanine applications, the distance between the two stacked interconnected boards. Backplane connectors that have been adapted to mezzanine applications typically have stack heights from 15mm to 55mm. Products with stack heights like these are ExaMEZZ, InfinX, and GIG-Array. BergStak® and BergStik® product families can cover a wide range from 3mm to 63mm. However, many mezzanine connectors are designed for very tight stack heights with very high density. These connectors include MEG-Array and Chameleon which have minimum stack heights of 4mm and 6mm respectively with Chameleon's tight pitch at 0.9mm.

The cost of an interconnect can be as simple as a piece price, and interconnect cost is also discussed in terms of price per differential pair.

Amphenol offers low-cost board-to-board solutions. AirMAX and XCede are time-tested solutions for up to 25Gb/s at extremely competitive prices. ExaMAX VS is an introductory solution for 25Gb/s applications and is mating compatible with our latest 112Gb/s version of ExaMAX. BergStak® Lite 0.8mm is an economical version that uses Gold Flash plating that can meet up to 50 mating cycles, from 40 to 100 position sizes in 20 position increments and from 5mm to 20mm stack heights in 1mm increments.

Amphenol is a very large scale (VLS) manufacturer. We have delivered over 10 billon differential pairs to our customers world-wide, and we have the capacity to deliver our products in volume wherever you may be.

Many connectors offer integrated power delivery solutions, or you can pair any of our hard-metric backplane connectors with our hard-metric power connectors to deliver over 100A along side your high-speed signals. In less demanding mezzanine applications, Chameleon can deliver 2.5A per contact. EnergyEdge™ X-treme's dual contact design can handle 3000W at 12V and offers the highest linear density available in the market today. Featuring twice as many contact points, it allows for a 25% improvement in linear current density when compared to existing card edge products. Its more compact design provides up to a 23% size reduction compared to eHPCE®, carrying 3000W in the same 43mm space. Available in straddle mount, right angle, right angle coplanar and vertical configurations.