Industry 4.0, also called the 4th industrial revolution, refers to the digital transformation of manufacturing; where humans, computers, and automation will come together and interact in entirely new ways.

The Industry 4.0 movement looks to re-shape the way factories are run today by converging autonomous machines and robotics with third platform technologies such as, Big Data/Analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing , artificial intelligence, and much more.

The integration of these systems will create the ultimate “smart factory”, where machines will now be able to make decentralized and simple decisions without human interaction. Robots will be able to support people with technical problem solving and assist with tasks deemed too difficult or unsafe for humans.

Communications will be the most advanced to date with machines, devices, sensors and people  all communicating in real time via the wireless web. Despite being in the early stages of this revolution, Industry 4.0 is very much alive and has already started transforming the future of technology. 

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