Zhaga Consortium is an international association that creates industry standards in the LED lighting industry to simplify the design and manufacturing of LED luminaires. They provide a set of interface specifications that explain the requisites for interchangeability. Zhaga compliant products are expected to accelerate the growth and adoption of LED lighting solutions globally. As a member of the Zhaga Consortium, Amphenol ICC is supporting new connector design ideas to promote the LED lighting industry.

These LED standards can be broadly classified into 3 categories: LED lights including integrated LED light engines and non-integrated LED modules, drivers and sensor and communication modules. Amphenol ICC provides both internal and external connector solutions for these lighting applications.

The external connector solutions include:

FLS Series Module

FLS series is a luminaire extension module and receptacle, which is soon to release. These modules are expected to fit applications like, wireless remote control street lighting system which consists of multiple photocell controllers connected to the internet.

FLA Series Dimming Receptacle

FLA series dimming receptacles are much similar to FLS series and are to be used with photocells for street and area lighting. However, these are having dimming contacts in addition to the 3 power connectors.

2.5mm FLH Series Mini Sealed Connectors

FLH series mini sealed connectors are wire-to-wire connectors designed to connect 2 sensor modules to the luminaire. The 2.5mm miniature connectors are available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 pin options. These IP67 rated connectors are provided with protective latching and pre-assembly seals, making it ideal for harsh environments and outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Ethernet Solutions with PoE

The outdoor ethernet solutions are harsh environment RJ45 solutions with an added benefit of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). PoE++ can provide up to 100W of power and these connectors support Cat5E versions and the upcoming Cat6 versions.

MRD Series Solutions

The MRD series include IP67 rated circular power connectors with wire-to-board and wire-to-panel locking mechanisms. These 10A per pin connectors supports outdoor LED lighting, remote charging, horticulture, etc.

The internal connector options from Amphenol ICC include: 

Wire-to-Board Signal Connectors

Amphenol ICC provides internal IO connectors comprising of shrouded/unshrouded PCB headers and IDC/crimp sockets for wire-to-board solutions. These are available in pitch sizes ranging from 1.00mm to 2.54mm.

Board-to-Board Signal Connectors

The board-to-board signal connector solutions also comprise shrouded and unshrouded PCB heads and sockets. These are available in both straight and right angle orientations to give rise to multiple PCB configurations.

Wire-to-Board Power Connectors

Amphenol ICC offers wire-to-board power connector under MiniPower and MicroPower brands over pitch sizes of 4.20mm and 3.00mm respectively. While these products support up to 13A per pins, future solutions are expected to support up to 17A per pin.

Apart from these products, Amphenol ICC have different ranges of connectors suiting several LED lighting applications. Visit our website for more products and information.