Board/Wire-to-board connectors are standard connectors used for several applications in all industries. Amphenol ICC has a comprehensive range of connectors ranging from 0.40mm to 5.70mm pitch. The 2.54mm pitch connector family is generally used in electronic equipment or devices requiring a parallel, planar or perpendicular board/wire-to-board interconnect.

Dubox® solution is a 2.54mm extensive connector designed with self-center solders tails on circuit pads to assure coplanarity. It is available with locating feature to maintain alignment for soldering and facilitates robot placement. With a current rating of up to 3A per contact, these are available in right angle and straight orientation with 2 to 50 positions.

On the other hand, BergStik® 2.54mm unshrouded headers are available in press-fit, stacking and pin-in-paste (PIP) versions in the single/dual body and single/dual row. With a unique design, BergStik® is flexible and easy to use, as each connector can be cut or broken into lengths to suit the application profile with a current rating up to 3A per contact.

PV® crimp-to-wire system is a solution connecting the discrete wire to printed circuit boards. PV® features highly reliable contacts for shock and vibration applications. It features three spring thickness options that meet application-specific insertion, withdrawal, and normal force requirements. This provides the lowest profile housing in the industry, and its leaf spring design offers constant retention force after repeated cycles

Quickie® is the complete solution for wire-to-board connectors in 2.54mm pitch. The plating performances guarantee 100 mating cycles making it a perfect choice for flat cable-to-board connections. The header with the four-walled shielding protects pins in unmated condition and prevents misalignment, and the dual polarization protects against mismatch. Moreover, the duplex plating makes it a cost-effective option.

Leveraging its expertise in board connector, crimp-to-wire and flat cable technology, along with its modular and inter-mateable nature, Amphenol ICC’s 2.54mm pitch connector family is truly the ideal solution for all application needs.

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