The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a Global Summit that brings together expert developers, suppliers, engineers, executives, and decision-makers around the globe to showcase and discuss the amazing technological enhancements happening in the world.

The Summit has been rescheduled as an interactive Virtual Global Summit this year! The theme is “Open for All” and focuses on solving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for the datacenter and beyond through open-source hardware.

The Summit will be held from May 12th-15th, 2020. It will be a rich, interactive experience that incorporates all the key components of the traditional Global Summit, including keynote sessions, executive tracks, an Expo Hall with Expo Hall talks, Engineering Workshops, the OCP Experience Center, and the OCP Future Technologies Symposium. Registration is free and open for everyone.

Amphenol will have a virtual booth and will be exhibiting many products at this event, including Paladin®, PwrBlade+® I/O, PSAS Gen 5, Transceivers, and OverPass Solutions. Read more here:  Amphenol solutions at OCP.

Don't miss out on the first Virtual OCP Global Summit!