Minitek® Pwr is one of the most popular connector product family from FCI Basics. Adhering to high signal quality, enhanced reliability, and consistent performance, this connector range offers a complete and comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications and design requirements across the wire-to-board and wire-to-wire segments.  With a wide range of pitch sizes including 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 4.20mm, and 5.70mm, and with current ratings from 5A to 23A - Minitek® Pwr offers a compact, robust and versatile solution, making it a market leader. 

The Minitek® Pwr range is known for its durability, fuss-free mate-ability, and reliability. These connectors feature a flexing beam design enabling low insertion force during mating. The scoop proof design of these connectors protects the contacts from damage, during mating and unmating.  The fully polarised mating interfaces add to the durability of the connectors along with these features.

Minitek® Pwr connectors are also offered in BMI (Blind Mate Interface) versions, which ensures easy and perfect mating. BMI provides a self-aligning feature molded into housings and offers all possible options for various applications and orientations.

The Minitek® Pwr connectors come with a positive locking mechanism ensuring reliable connection. The wire-to-board versions also comes with Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)( currently available in 2.5 & 4.2mm) that confirms the contact is properly mounted into cable housing eliminating functional problems due to wrong connector assembly.

High Current Connectors (HCC) of Minitek® Pwr is designed for high-current and power-dense applications. Minitek® Pwr 4.2 HCC  and Minitek® Pwr 3.0 HCC come with a current rating up to 13A per contact and 12A per contact respectively with a wire gauge range from 20AWG - 16AWG. The Minitek® Pwr BMI connectors are offered in 4.20mm and 3.00mm pitch sizes with a current rating of 9A per contact and 5A per contact respectively. The Minitek® Pwr 5.7 is a flexible and comprehensive solution for power applications with a high current rating of up to 23A per contact.

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