Omni-Path is a high-performance,  low latency hardware and software architecture developed by Intel that delivers signal transmission performance for tomorrow’s high performance computing (HPC) workloads, at a better performing, and cost competitive rate when compared with today’s network fabrics.

Amphenol ICC, as a valued member of Intel’s Omni-Path qualified Omni-Path (OP) supplier network, offers a comprehensive range of OP product offerings that are used in Intel Omni-Path hardware and Omni-Path based clusters. This complete solution consists of copper DAC cables, Active Optical Cables (AOCs), and mating connectors, and cages. Amphenol ICC’s Interconnect Solutions have been fully tested in conjunction with Intel. All offerings adhere to the Omni-Path performance standards.

The Omni-Path copper DAC cables offer 100Gb/s for intra-rack connections from host fabric interface adapter, to edge switch with lengths ranging from 0.5 to 6meters. This ensures a lower cost copper cabling solution with high speed signaling performance.

Amphenol ICC’s 100Gb/s Omni-Path Active Optical cables (AOCs) with lengths from 3 to 100meters take it further to inter-rack connections from edge switch to director switch. This allows easy cable routing in any direction.

Amphenol ICC provides the complete link solution at direct manufacturer pricing. Both DACs and AOCs are available in custom lengths. These also facilitate plug and play with Intel Omni-Path Host Fabric Interface Adapters, Intel Omni-Path Edge Switches and Intel Omni-Path Director Class Switches.

Our Omni-Path Solutions are immediately available. Contact your local sales representative or email us at [email protected] for more details.

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Omni-Path is a high-performance communication architecture owned by Intel®.