The FCI Basics Wire-to-Board connector portfolio is extended with the introduction of the new Cross- Mate connectors. The Cross-Mate series is an ideal compact and modular design with active latches especially for applications that require solid mating retention.

This wire-to-board system has a reliable four-point contact design at the mating area cross-section that helps in providing an improved current rating up to 4A per contact.This four point contact, can effectively reduce contact resistance and provide higher contact reliability when compared to the conventional single point or double point contact mode even in harsh environments. This solution provides excellent electrical performance especially in applications with vibration. The transmission current capacity is also better than the normal configurations.

It offers higher power performance with mechanical performance durability of 50 cycles for the gold plated version. The Terminal-Position-Assurance (TPA) guarantees that the contact is properly mounted into cable housing and assures against terminal-back-out by fully seating contacts in the housing, eliminating functional problems due to the wrong connector assembly.

The Cross-Mate series is available in a horizontal configuration with 2 to 12 positions per row and applicable wire sizes range from AWG30 to AWG22.

Along with these, positive latches and operator touch-proof design ensure added safety and reliability. The touch-proof features protect the operator from touching powered contact. Click here to know more about the product.