The global data center trends are converging to HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) from the traditional data center architecture as they are smaller, simpler and more efficient. HCI is a purpose-built data center architecture that adapts easier than the others to the assigned purpose.  It simplifies operational and management tasks promoting fast orchestration and bringing efficient scalability for the customer. The high-speed requirements of the advanced architectures require next-generation products.

Mega data centers around the world are switching from 12G to 25G per lane and are soon expected to reach 50-56G per lane based on PAM-4 technology.  It can lead to an aggregate of 200G over 4-lanes QSFP. Engineers are looking forward to developing 400G systems for a market place with 100G per lane. Connectors, Copper Cable and Active Optical Cable solutions help to achieve these high-speed requirements. High-speed solutions continue to expand beyond traditional data communication and telecommunications and towards Mobile and IoT.

With close to 1.3 billion mobile-phone owners and 700 million Internet users, China is the most populous digital market. Data center market in China is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The Chinese market follows an innovative and adaptive culture, and is taking new steps to advance in the telecommunications market, to secure its position in the global market.

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