Life is getting smart, so are our surroundings. Internet of Things has already started advancements in making our homes, cars and office spaces smarter with automation, then why should our cities be left out? With the escalating urban population, crowded cities and traffic on roads are creating a mess. It is essential for the authorities to take up steps to clear the chaos and move on to a more organized infrastructure. The Internet of Things proposes smart cities, which creates a sustainable environment with advanced technology and proper governance.

There are multiple factors that count to making a city smarter, from well-maintained public transport, water and electricity systems, traffic and road controls, street lighting, smart and automated homes, to intelligent buildings, perfect urban planning and many more to list. Sensors, software, and IoT applications are used in perfect combinations for these systems to make this a reality.

For instance, the transport and traffic systems can be maintained perfectly with sensors, cameras, smart traffic signals, and other devices that pass on real-time data on road closures, bad weather, or vehicle breakdowns, which help transit services and individuals to access a safe and clear road. Similar is the case with managing water and electricity with smart meters. Smart cities also target creating energy-efficient buildings with central management systems and aim for creating better public safety.

The smart cities come into its complete efficiency with developing data analyzing centers where they can cumulate, process, and infer the data these smart devices generate and ensure that the infrastructure facilities to take the cities into the new era of connectivity.

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