Here’s what’s on show from Amphenol ICC


Amphenol ICC's game changing 112Gb/s backplane interconnect technology - Paladin®, is the highlight product of the year. Paladin's® revolutionary architecture sets the benchmark for signal integrity performance in backplane interconnects and enables our customers to design complex systems.


ExaMAX® high speed backplane connector system is designed to enable superior 25Gb/s electrical performance and provides a path to 56Gb/s in anticipation of further increases in bandwidth requirements and the data rates used for high speed signaling. The revolutionary beam-on-beam contact interface minimizes the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance.


OSFP (Octal (8x) Small Form Factor Pluggable) interface is the latest evolution of the SFF product range that meets the MSA norms. Amphenol ICC’s OSFP product portfolio offers an integrated link solution that features DAC copper cables, AOCs, stacked and ganged board connector and cage solutions delivering 200Gb/s - 400Gb/s per port aggregate bandwidth.


Amphenol ICC's QSFP DD (Double-Density) passive copper cable assemblies double the number of high 25G / 50G (PAM4) lanes when compared to the existing 100G QSFP cabling systems. Compatible with both 25G/lane NRZ and 50G/lane PAM 4 signaling protocol, these copper cables deliver aggregate bandwidths of 200G and 400G per cable assembly.

Leap® On-Board Transceiver

With speeds up to 25Gb/s and distances up to 100m, Amphenol ICC's 300Gb/s Leap® High-Speed Optical Module is faster, smaller, more cost and power efficient than most conventional datacenter interconnects.


The PwrBlade® power distribution connector system from Amphenol ICC is a unique solution that offers power distribution and power control in a single connector. The PwrBlade® family has served as the de-facto standard in data centers and has expanded over 3 generations. We are proud to present our PwrBlade® products at DesignCon 2018 as this year marks the 20th anniversary this most influential power connector in the industry today.

High Speed FPC

With capacity to transfer data rates up to 10Gb/s, High speed FPC connectors provides a low profile solution with exceptional high speed signal integrity. The compact design with 0.30mm pitch and in-line layout makes it ideal for applications where space is a constraint.


Lynx™ connector is a flexible low profile solution designed for high speed and high density board-to-board applications robust contact design. With the fastest connection on 4-Rows, these connectors offer double the density in a 2-Row footprint. The 4-Row “array style” pin field allows pin-out flexibility for density and performance.

Mini Cool Edge

An ideal solution for new generation small form factor system, Mini Cool Edge offers high density and high speed. This is the best choice for versatile small power BTB applications. Common applications include Solid State Drive, Network Interface Card, and Add-In Card.

Our PCIe compliant Cool Edge will be featured at DesignCon’s technical session on 31 January 2018, 11:00am – 11:45am at Santa Clara Convention Center.

Apart from these, we have an extended series of product showcase, demonstration and technical presentations. Don’t miss to visit us at booth #833.