Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors are one of the most popular interconnects available in the enterprise storage industry today. These Small Form Factor (SFF) standard connectors support high performance and differential signaling. The protocol has evolved over the years to meet advanced applications. They provide a point-to-point data transfer between motherboards and storage devices like HDDs or SDDs. Based on their application on these storage devices we can classify SAS connectors as standard and multiprotocol.

Standard SAS Connectors

The first generation of standard SAS connectors was introduced in 2004 under the SFF-8482 specification with a bandwidth of 3Gb/s. As application requirements advanced, more sophisticated versions were introduced. Amphenol ICC continued to support our customers by introducing connectors that met the improvements in designs and speed. Today, we supply SAS 3.0 connectors and SAS 4.0 connectors that are compatible with SFF8680 and SFF8681 specifications respectively. SAS 3.0 connectors are  29-position receptacle and plug connectors with 12Gb/s speed and SAS 4.0 meets 24Gb/s speeds and is backward compatible to 12G, 6G, and 3G SAS connectors. These are designed to suit modern high-performance HDDs and SDDs.

Multiprotocol SAS Connectors

Multiprotocol SAS connectors are specially designed to meet both high-speed SAS and Peripheral Component Express® (PCIe)-based devices. Compatible with SFF8639 specification, SAS/PCIe 3.0 (U.2) Connectors are capable of meeting performance requirements of 12Gb/s SSDs and HDDs or PCle® based devices at 8GT/s. Amphenol ICC also provides SAS/PCIe 4.0 (U.2 & U.3) Connectors, with 16GT/s (PCIe lanes) and 24Gb/s (SAS lanes) speeds to meet the demands of next-generation servers compatible to SFF8639 specification. Additionally, our SAS/PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3) Connectors support 32GT/s (PCIe lanes) and 24Gb/s (SAS lanes) speeds and are backward compatible to 12G, 6G, and 3G SAS connectors.

We also provide standard Mini SAS and Mini SAS HD cable assemblies that support up to 24G per channel and can meet SAS-4 and PCIe Gen4/5 requirements. They find applications both inside and outside of Flash, HDD and Hybrid arrays used in network-attached and direct-attached storage. We are committed to providing solutions to meet the developments in this arena.