Not all connectors are built equally for use in all environments. There are many machines exposed to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and contamination from liquid and dust ingress. This harsh environment can result in poor performance and impact the entire system. To perform in these extreme conditions, engineers started to enhance industry standard connectors.

Amphenol ICC offers a wide range of harsh environment connectors for multiple industries and applications.

Enhanced Reliability with Rugged USB

USB is one of the most popular connector interfaces used globally for both consumer and industrial purposes. These connectors are useful in industrial applications, as they reduce cable clutter in harsh, public safety, military, and manufacturing environments.

By incorporating an IEC-60529-IP67 corrosion-resistant seal, USB connectors are able to ensure reliable EMI protection, as well as protection against water or dust ingress. Combined with lock-washer lugs, the ruggedized, through-hole construction provides the USB connector with additional mechanical strength against inevitable shock and vibration.

Stronger and Durable D- Sub

In a similar way, D- Sub connectors were built to use primarily for video and audio applications, and evolved to meet new demands in industrial markets. The thermoplastic housing and metal die cast shells enhanced its strength and efficiency to withstand extreme conditions in outdoor, automation, industrial, and agriculture applications.

Rugged HDMI for Better Performance

When it comes to portable computers, broadcast equipment, security systems, outdoor audiovisual equipment and medical imaging systems requiring High Definition signal transmissions, ruggedized HDMI connectors are an ideal choice. These connectors provide increased reliability with both an IP67 rating and HDMI specification version 1.4a electrical performance compliance.

Modular Jack Connectors for Extreme Conditions

Modular Jack connectors, which are known for their use in data cabling systems, can be subject to extreme environments, like telephone and data transfer cables for telecom equipment, industrial process control, tele-maintenance, airplane equipment, battlefield and naval communication, tactical radios and GPS positioning equipment. Rugged, IP67-rated shells or conductive gaskets enhance protection and performance in such environments.

Sustained research and development enables multiple connectors to withstand harsh conditions without compromising performance, signal integrity and cost-effectiveness. Amphenol ICC, is always at the forefront in customer-friendly innovations and the case here is not different.