APEC is one of the premier events in applied power electronics that brings together more than 45,000 professionals from around the world for networking, hands-on learning, and strategic business development. APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. 

Amphenol ICC has a proud legacy of 2 decades in leading the way in power connector technology innovations around the world. At APEC 2019, you can find the latest additions to the product portfolio such as; HPR XS for extreme environments and the EnergyEdge X-series 3000W card edge connector family along with our legacy products like HPCE, PwrBlade, PwrMAX, BarKlip, and CoolPower. 

At APEC 2019 we showcase PwrBlade® product family like PwrBlade+®, PwrBlade ULTRA and their cable assembly options. Built on the proven technology, PwrBlade+® connector is a next generation AC/DC power distribution connector system capable of delivering 192A/linear inch. The newest addition to the PwrBlade® product line, the PwrBlade ULTRA® is the lowest profile power distribution connector that offers an overall height reduction of 24% with delivering more than 200A/linear inch. These connectors also feature our proprietary GCS® plating technology which provides ultra-low resistance and increases overall efficiency. 

Other featured products include PwrMAX®, HPCE®, BarKlip•, and CoolPower®. Rated to 9A per power contact beam, High Power Card Edge (HPCE®) connector is a next-generation power card edge connector for demanding applications requiring high linear current density and low power loss. Available in both vertical and right angle configurations, CoolPower® Slim Drawer Mini (SDM) connectors offer a high level of mating configuration flexibility, current density, and a thin profile making it ideal for compact board-to-­board application. Our BarKlip® IO connectors feature 14 fully independent cantilevered beams, providing a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish. The PwrMAX® connector family offers a compact means for connecting up to 100A DC power in modern system architectures requiring high density and high current.  

Visit us at Amphenol ICC’s Booth #1047 to learn more on these leading power solutions at Anaheim Convention Center, California from 17 to21 March.