DesignCon 2019 will offer more than 100 technical sessions, panel discussions, and tutorials spanning 15 tracks over the 3-day conference program.  If you have purchased an All Access or 2-Day pass, you will be able to attend these sessions. 

Amphenol is proud to announce that Yifan Huang and Stephen Smith will present a technical paper titled “PCIe Gen 5 CEM Connector and  Add-In Card PCB design optimizations” at DesignCon 2019. Li Ying, from Nvidia, will present along with the Amphenol team regarding Nvidia’s high-end 32Gb/s GPU add-in card design.  This paper is part of Track 14:  Modeling & Analysis of Interconnects, and will be presented on, January 30, 2019, Wednesday from 2:50 PM - 3:30 PM at Ballroom A, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

The PCIe Gen 5 channel data-rate of 32GT/s requires a better mating connector, an AIC with improved PCB material, optimized vias, and alternative trace routings. The Gen 5 surface-mount connector mates with the smaller gold edge fingers with a shorter wipe distance to achieve loss and crosstalk targets at twice the Gen 4 Nyquist frequency. AIC microstrip or stripline routings, via choices, ac capacitor mounting, and their effects are optimized for overall channel performance. AIC lead-in trace region to the connector is re-designed to improve the impedance match to the CEM connector. Measurements of a connector prototype with improved AIC validate the work.

PCIe Gen 5 Card Electro-Mechanical (CEM) connector is backward-compatible and mates to an Add-In Card (AIC) with smaller edge fingers that have a shorter wipe distance. The AIC design choices between microstrip and stripline traces are made to balance loss, crosstalk and mode conversion for optimizing the full channel performance.

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