It is a proud moment for Amphenol ICC as we have been awarded the Product of the Year Award in the “Interconnects” category of Electronic Products magazine. With a legacy of 43years, Electronic Products Annual awards are one of the most coveted awards in the industry. 100+ products were evaluated under 10 different categories before the winners were announced. Amphenol ICC’s OSFP Interconnect System was chosen as the best “Interconnect” product for this year.

The OSFP IO system is an industry standard 8 transmission lane based connector, cage and cable (copper & optical) interconnect system. This system is designed to address the industry’s needs for present day aggregate per port bandwidth needs of 200G and 400G as well as the anticipated future per port bandwidth needs of 800G.

The system features a comprehensively engineered complete IO system that offers fully shielded connector and cages in multiple configurations, like ganged & stacked, that accept both copper based (passive & active DAC cables) as well as optical based interconnect components ( Active Optical cables, cables, transceivers, etc.) The OSFP IO interconnect system is the only external high speed per port system that is designed, from its inception, to be an integrated design that addresses the combination of mechanical robustness, electrical performance and, significantly, thermal management requirements needed by system architects/designers.

As an example, each OSFP port, regardless of cage configuration, supports up to 16 watts of proper thermal management. As a consequence of the detailed design work, the OSFP system has the capability to address both short range and long range applications without concern for what device is plugged into the system and the proper system thermal management of that device - a design capability that other high speed IO systems struggle to properly support. The Amphenol OSFP IO system offers a complete link solution that includes board connector and cages, DAC cables, active copper cables and Active Optical Cables (AOC’s) that allows the user to take full advantage of the integrated and optimized interconnect link capability.

You can see this “Product of the Year” and learn more about it at Amphenol DesignCon 2019 booth #731 as well.

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