The emergence of large-scale data centers leads to high demand for higher signal speeds, bandwidth, and higher density connections to meet their complex designs and configurations.

Developing a standardized pattern was indispensable for the advancement of data center design and data management capabilities. Thus the Small Form Factor (SFF) committee was organized and they established a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) which provides standards for connector manufacturers and network component suppliers to design and produce devices that are interoperable with one another.

Octal (8x) Small Form Factor Pluggable (OSFP) interface is the latest evolution of the SFF product range that meets the MSA norms. Amphenol’s OSFP product portfolio offers customers a comprehensive and integrated link solution that features DAC copper cables, AOCs, stacked and ganged board connector and cage solutions. All products deliver 200Gb/s - 400Gb/s per port aggregate bandwidth by effectively doubling each of the eight 25Gb/s lanes to 50Gb/s per lane.  This helps to support short reach, short range or long range cabling applications.

The highly engineered OSFP system has heat dissipative features that are an integral part of the cable, connector and cage designs. This eliminates additional heat sinks on top of the cages, minimizing the overall height of the connector system above the board.  This further allows side-by-side stacking of cages which maximizes the linear port density and supports belly-to-belly applications. The passive DAC copper cables can support lengths up to 3 meters.  They also offer splitter cables which helps in accommodating current hardware by terminating existing interfaces such as SFP, QSFP and QSFP DD.

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