Specifically designed to address the challenges associated with the deployment of 4G+, LTE+ and emerging 5G in the Telecom market, OCTIS™ provides a robust I/O interconnect solution that can operate in challenging outdoor and harsh environments. The versatile OCTIS™ I/O system is offered with multiple industry standard interfaces like  SFP/ SFP+, QSFP, Signal, Power and Hybrid. 

This product comes with an industry-leading small form factor pitch of 26mm which enable greater port density. Features like lightning protection, EMI shielding, UV Resistance and IP67 grade weather proof makes it reliable and durable. OCTIS™ is easy to install and easy to operate with features like blind mate, float mount, lightweight, color and physical coding. 

Standard OCTIS™ product offers a best in class feature of the transceiver located outside the box. This helps in saving board space and improves the thermal management effeciency. For applications with transceiver located inside the radio, OCTIS™ options with suitable adapters (duplex LC, MPO, etc.) are also available. 

OCTIS™ product finds extensive application in Remote Radio heads, Small cells, Macro cells, Microwave links, Distributed Antenna Systems and Smart grid networks. With the possibility of small cells being mounted in every building/ utility pole/ street, the proliferation of small cells is bound to happen where OCTIS™ will be an ideal choice for IO connection. OCTIS™ with current connector interfaces and capability to add more interfaces with higher speed/ power/ density make it a truly futuristic product.

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OCTIS™ is a trademark of Radiall; the product is a joint development between Amphenol and Radiall.