As a process of continuous development, Amphenol focuses on innovations to suit the modern applications. We stay updated with introducing new products that stay a way ahead of time to meet the demands of next generation technologies. Have a look at the latest additions to our offerings.


0.50mm Power Pin Floating Board-to-Board Connectors


Designed for sleek applications that require high current within a limited space, 0.50mm power pin floating board-to-board connectors come with 4 independent power pins with 5A current per pin and provide a high speed transmission performance up to 10Gb/s. With a wide operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C and large floating range of X,Y±0.60mm, Z ±0.50mm, these connectors come with an anti-fool mating design and direction guide functions for easy mating.

D-Sub Custom Specials

Amphenol customized solutions have proven to meet our customer specific requirements. This can be from meeting special polarization requirements, fitment to their special panel cabinets, extra standoff to meet the height requirements and assemblies for cable applications. The D-Sub custom special products are rigid and reliable connector solutions with design flexibility and standard mating interface. Their unique designs cannot be replaced with the standard connectors available in the market. These connectors are available in various termination types and the combo versions are capable of meeting both signal and power requirements. Wide range of associated accessories are also offered to support secure and rigid connection. The D sub custom connectors are used across many industries including Industrial, data, communication, medical and military.


FLB Series Bases and Domes


The ANSI C136.41 compatible bases and domes come with 0, 2 or 4 dimming contacts options supporting power only, or power plus 1 or 2 sets of dimming and/or additional control functions and are ideal for roadways and outdoor lightings. The FLB base mates with the FLA series receptacle and utilizes twist lock technology to provide a secure, integrated power and signal interface solution for use in roadway and area lighting applications. 

The FLB series cover couples with the base to provide IP66 protection (per IEC 60529) for the mated photocell/control assembly. Domes are available in Grey, Clear, Red, Black, White and Translucent colors in 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm & 130mm heights. The mating gaskets and O-rings on the bases ensure IP66 rating performance to protect equipment from moisture ingress. The venting allows air pressure equalization while preventing moisture ingress to the photocell assembly. The UL94V-0 rated engineering thermoplastic bases and UL94-5VA Polycarbonate domes meet critical safety standards.

microSD Express Connector

Amphenol is the first in the industry to offer card sockets for both microSD Express and Micro SD cards (UHS-I/UHS-II). The new 17 pin microSD Express connector is capable of achieving high Bus interface speeds up to 985MB/s and meeting PCIe® 3.0 x 1 Lane requirements. These connectors come with a dedicated pin for card-detect function, and are backwards compatible with the legacy Micro SD card. This new platform is ideal for high resolution content, high speed mobile computing and IOT/Consumer devices.



Millipacs® High Temperature Backplane Connectors


Amphenol's Millipacs® is a 2.00mm grid Interconnection system in hard metric configuration designed in accordance to IEC 917, IEC 61076-4-101, Telecordia GR-1217-CORE standards and fulfills Compact PCI bus architecture. As one of the most popular Backplane connector series, Millipacs® is feature-packed for rugged environments. Besides standard operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, the High Temperature versions come with options for extended temperature range of -65°C to +175°C and smoke and fire compliant standard EN45545 is also available.

It also supports an enhanced current rating up to 3 A per pin or standard 1.5A per pin and supports data rates options up to 25Gb/s and hybrid power up to 40A per pin. Millipacs® high temperature series addresses the market requirements for Backplane connectors compatible for higher operating temperature applications.

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