Three new products were added to the Amphenol product array in February. FCI Basics BergStak HS connector family known for its fast data transmission, high signal quality, and time-proven reliability was extended with two new additions including BergStak HS 0.80mm and BergStak® 0.50mm self-alignment connectors. We also introduced the ix Industrial connectors that enable next-generation industrial IoT connectivity.

BergStak HS 0.80mm Connectors

As the name suggests the BergStak HS 0.80mm connector family with 0.80mm pitch enables high-speed data applications with a speed performance up to 32Gb/s and meets SAS 4.0 and PCIe® Gen 5 standards. These connectors offer great application flexibility in 120 positions, with 40 to 140 options and a 5mm stack height with 5mm and 12mm options. These connectors can withstand harsh environmental conditions and its scoop proof housing allows easy assembly. 

ix Industrial Connectors 

The new ix Industrial connectors enable IoT connectivity for Ethernet and other Industrial protocols through all levels of operation from the Enterprise/Cloud to the sensors/actuators at the factory floor. These 10mm pitch connectors feature 2-point metal latches and are just 25% of the size of a regular RJ45 connector. They are PoE capable and provide Cat6A level (10GBASE-T) data performance. These connectors feature 360° shielding through mated pair and excellent EMI protection for noisy environments. 

BergStak® 0.50mm Self-Alignment Connectors 

FCI Basics BergStak® 0.50mm self-alignment connectors are 0.50mm fine pitch connectors with a stack height of 3mm making it suitable for applications with space constraints. These connectors can be used across multiple applications with 50 positions extendable across 20 to 60 positions in increments of 10. BergStak® 0.50mm Self-Alignment Connectors have fully chamfered housings and a unique self-alignment feature together with other features that support blind mating, misalignment tolerance for X direction is 0.85mm max and max 1.29mm for the Y direction. 

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