Three high-speed products were introduced to the Amphenol ICC product portfolio in the month of August. Double Density Cool Edge Connectors and BergStak® FX10 offers high-speed high-density board to board solutions and the microSD Express Connector uses PCI express 4.0 protocol rated up to 16Gb/s making it a high-performance memory card connector compliant to SD specification V7.1

Double Density Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors

Double Density Cool Edge connectors are 0.80mm pitch hybrid connectors that can accommodate both high speed and low-speed signal and power requirements. These connectors save much more space than most of the card edge connectors in the market. With high speeds of up to 32GT/s (or 56GT/s PAM4) capability, these connectors support PCIe®  Gen 5 and are designed for multiple Add-In- Card thicknesses.


BergStak® FX10 Connectors 

This newest addition to the BergStak®   family, FX10 connectors are an authorized second source to Hirose FX10 series and are fully compatible with Hirose product offering. These 0.50mm board-to-board connectors are known for its fast data transmission speed performance up to 15Gb/s+ and high signal quality. This connector is offered in 144 positions and is available in 4.30mm and 6.00mm stack height options with product positions extendable up to 168 positions.

microSD Express Connector

Amphenol ICC is the first in the industry to offer card sockets for both microSD Express and Micro SD cards (UHS-I). The 17 pin microSD Express connector is capable of achieving high speeds up to 985Mb/s. These connectors are compliant to PCIe® 3.0 requirements and are ideal for IoT devices and high-speed computing applications with its novel 17 pin design. These connectors also provide higher adaptability as these connectors are backward compatible with the legacy Micro SD card (UHS-I).

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