Minitek® Pwr continues to be one of the most popular connectors that offer compact and flexible medium to high-power solutions.  Fully-polarized, scoop-proof housings and a low insertion force add to the durability of these connectors, and features like Blind Mate Interface (BMI) option enhances its usability.

Amphenol ICC’s Minitek® Pwr connectors support wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications, and is offered in 2.50, 3.00, 4.20, 5.70mm pitch options. The spectrum of Minitek® Pwr family is extended with 2.5mm and 5.7mm pitch connectors with current rating of up to 6.5A and 23A respectively.

Minitek® Pwr 2.5 offers a current rating of 6.5A per contact pin and is specially designed for applications looking for a reliable connector that aids in PCB space savings as this helps to save as much as 69% board space. It is available in 4 to 16 circuits for dual row, and 2 to 8 circuits for single row.

While Minitek® Pwr 2.5 targets space-saving applications, Minitek® Pwr 5.7 redefines power delivery with a current rating of 23A per contact. Contacts made of high-conductivity Copper Alloy facilitates this. Post plated terminals prevent environmental corrosion and enhances connector durability.

In short Minitek® Pwr family provides a  one-stop solution able to meet fine pitch requirements down to 2.5mm pitch and high power requirements up to 23A.

Minitek® Pwr is well-known for its reliability, robustness, flexibility, and compactness. Amphenol ICC has the technical capabilities to continue to extend and improve our product offerings to meet customer needs.

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