Miniature connectors are one of the most significant parts of any smart device. The case of smart automobiles is not different as well. We have already discussed on smart solutions for automotive in many previous articles. Amphenol’s Minitek MicroSpace Crimp-to-Wire connector offers a unique design that enables LV214 Severity-2 and performs at 1.8, 1.5, and 1.27mm pitch and is designed for use in many automotive applications. Now we have introduced an even advanced version; Minitek MicroSpaceXS Crimp-to-Wire connectors, which offer many enhancements over the earlier versions.

Compact Minitek MicroSpaceXS

The new Minitek MicroSpaceXSCrimp-to-Wire connector comes with a super compact design that addresses the growing demand for miniaturizing components. With improved signal density these connectors are capable of reducing the PCB footprint by up to 50%. With a nominal current carrying capacity of up to 4A and cable external diameter up to 1.40mm, these connectors are an ideal choice when high vibration endurance, primary latch, TPA, CPA, Poka Yoke, Kojiri safe are required with flexible configurations, like staggered, side or top latching.

Minitek MicroSpaceXS 1.27mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector Platform

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Waterproof Minitek MicroSpaceXS 1.27mm Crimp-to-Wire Connector Platform

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Minitek MicroSpace vs Minitek MicroSpaceXS

While Minitek MicroSpace™ was compatible with LV214 Severity-2, the Minitek MicroSpaceXS connectors are compatible with LV214 Severity-3 and USCAR-T2V2. and comes with 3 mechanical coding options as compared to the former with no coding options. Both the connectors are offered in unsealed versions, however, Minitek MicroSpaceXS is IP68 compatible and provides a waterproof version in addition to the standard model.

Additional Features of Minitek MicroSpaceXS

Though both the connectors have a similar footprint and layout is compatible with the current design, the new model has a  reinforced latch area and walls along with modified CPA features. With all these extra features the connectors can be undoubtedly considered the Gen 2 of Minitek MicroSpace. These connectors also feature Mechanical Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) ensuring proper mating of header and receptacle to avoid the unintentional trigger of the latch and allowing proper terminal insertion position and retention.  In addition, the Poka-Yoke polarization and mechanical-coding, prevents visual mismatch, enabling easy assembly. With a 4N normal force for vibration and >75N connector locking strength, these are ideal for high vibration and locking resistance.

Terminal features of Minitek MicroSpaceXS&

When it comes to terminal features of Minitek MicroSpaceXS, it has a supported contact beam to maximize contact normal force. Both the female terminal and the crimped terminal comes with an insulation front crimp barrels that maximize the retention. These connectors also have a front receiving opening and rear cradle to protect the contact region and to guide and align the mated pin. The large wire crimps are especially beneficial for automotive proof retention and connection.

Minitek MicroSpaceXSApplications

These LV214 and USCAR compliant connectors are suitable for several automotive applications from the LED lighting systems to camera systems of a smart vehicle. They are used to support various infotainment systems such as navigation and in-car entertainment systems, in-vehicle Ethernet systems, and driver heads-up displays. The 1.27mm crimp-to-wire automotive connector system is also designed to miniaturize automotive lighting  including both interior and exterior lights.

Check out Minitek MicroSpaceXS for advanced automotive applications.