Everything we see today is getting technologically evolved to a faster and better version, the case of the automotive sector is proof of this.

The introduction, success and increasing demand for MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are also in the same line.  MHEVs require a 48V battery technology and will become a key focus to all car makers for the coming years on their way to the full electric vehicles (EV).

A 48V battery offers many benefits over the 12V conventional battery.  When the 12V battery is used to perform auxiliary functions like powering the car’s lights, accessories, and infotainment, 48V can even propel the car without engine support. During traffic stops, the battery helps to run the compressor, providing air-conditioning even when the engine is off. They employ lighter equipment which brings down the weight of the car.  This adds to the fuel efficiency and makes the environment greener.

Amphenol ICC’s Minitek MicroSpace can support 48V battery technology with 3 pitch sizes – 1.27mm, 1.50mm and 1.80mm. It is one of the smallest automotive-qualified connector with an operating voltage of 48V. This unique combination of small footprint and high voltage fulfills next-generation automotive requirements.

Furthermore, this versatile solution is now improved with better features. The enhanced connector locking strength from 65N to 75N provides high vibration tolerance in automobiles and servo drives in industrial settings.

While low-level contact resistance adds to the electrical performance, the improved terminal insertion force of 3N adds to its mechanical stability.

Amphenol ICC has always served the industry with reliable solutions to meet the latest technology advancements in the automotive industry. To learn more about Minitek MicroSpace , click here