Amphenol offers a wide range of medium and high power wire-to-board connectors for power supplies used in various industrial applications. Our range of Mini Power and Micro Power connectors are ideal for power supplies in any sector, including datacom. These connectors are offered in Standard, Plus, and Super versions.  Mini Power connectors come with 4.20mm pitch whereas Micro Power connectors are offered in a finer pitch of 3.00mm across all these versions.

Standard Micro power connectors are compact connectors that support current ratings up to 6.5A per pin and wire gauge range from 30AWG-20AWG. These are available in 2 to 24 circuits for dual row and 2 to12 circuits for single row. Standard Mini Power connectors support current ratings up to 9A per pin and wire gauge range of 28AWG-16AWG. These are available in 2 to 24 circuits for dual row. 

Power applications that require even higher power connectors can opt for the Plus versions of Micro Power and Mini Power, which offer 12.5A per pin and wire gauge range of 30AWG-16AWG and 13A per pin and wire gauge range of 20AWG-16AWG respectively.

The most advanced connectors in this series are the Micro Power and Mini Power Super versions, which provide even better current ratings of 17A/pin and 20A/pin plus wire gauge ranges of 16AWG-15AWG and 16AWG-14AWG respectively. All variants of Mini Power connector series come with Boardlock option that ensures strong retention force whereas the Micro Power connectors have scoop-proof housing that prevents mismating between header and receptacle. Both Mini and Micro variants have fully isolated pins which protect contacts against potential damage during handling and mating.

Mini Power Super Wire-to-Board Connector
Up to 20A per pin

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Micro Power Super Wire-to-Board Connector
Up to 17A per pin

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These connectors find special application in the Datacom industry regarding server power distribution. A busbar acts as the power source from which the power is transmitted to the server rack. Each server rack has a Power Supply Unit (PSU) that acts as the powerhouse within. The energy from the PSU is distributed to all components through a Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Micro and Mini Power connectors interconnect PSUs and PDUs ensuring proper power transmission and high performance.

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