The development of Big Data, IoT, 5G, and other high-end applications requires signal transmission speed to a historical high. The most common signal transmission medium – Printed Circuit Board, has limitations in high-speed environments. Due to the natural characteristic of common PCB materials, severe signal distortion happens through signal route and form a serious barrier in system design, thus obstructing the development of high-end applications. 

Amphenol OverPass™ solution is introduced to overcome these signal issues. Mini Cool Edge IO 0.60mm pitch connector functions as an internal high-speed connector that supports up to 56G PAM4 and aims at facilitating high-speed signal transmission in Data Centers, Network Routings, and Telecommunications. It offers more advanced and powerful features over the existing interconnect solutions. These connectors allow much greater signal path lengths while maintaining signal integrity performance when compared to conventional pcb routing methods. It reduces the complexities in routing through PCBs, by bringing down, power requirements for re-timers which translate into overall cost efficiency.

Mini Cool Edge IO not only provides a SI performance ready signal transmission but also a new way of system design that is cost-effective, highly modular, scalable, and extremely easy to repair.

Mini Cool Edge IO offers a scalable platform to perform up to 48 differential pairs, promoting different types of architectures like chip-to-chip, mid-plane to the motherboard, and chip to external IO to achieve high data rates inside the box. There is also flexibility in the placement of ICs for improved system-level thermal performance.

Mini Cool Edge IO will be on display at Flash Memory Summit 2018.  Visit us at booth #600 to see this innovative product.