Millipacs® 2.00mm Hard Metric (HM) backplane connectors were launched during the 1990s when most of the applications required few hundreds of Gigabit data rates.

With special signal pinning and adequate provision of ground pins, data rate enhancement up to 3Gb/s was possible. Due to the need for improved signal integrity and higher bandwidth, Telecom and Data markets demanded connectors with higher speed and differential signals.

In tune with the market requirements, high speed versions of Millipacs® with mating compatibility to the IEC 61076-4-101 series 2mm hard metric connectors were developed. Currently, Millipacs® High Speed (HS) series vertical header and right angle receptacle connector solutions are available for data rate up to 25Gb/s.

Millipacs® HS series can also offer both broad side and edge side coupling solutions for very high speed data rates and thereby making it unique in the industry. While the broad side met speed requirements up to 25Gb/s, the edge side coupling provided solutions up to 12.5Gb/s. There are also versions which can offer 6.25Gb/s and 10Gb/s performance.  Customized solutions which can offer low speed and high-speed pins at any position of the connector will be released soon.

The design improvement in the receptacle part of the daughter card enhances the data rate capability. Daughter card upgrade with Millipacs® HS series receptacle helps to leapfrog into high speed data terrain and avoids expensive upgrades to the backplane architecture. This gives significant cost savings to the customers who have already deployed backplanes based on 2mm HM connectors.

Known for its robustness and reliability, key mechanical features like the tulip contact design for receptacles, wipe distance, features for coding, guiding and shielding are retained in HS series.

Millipacs® HS series enhance the versatility of legacy backplane systems.

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