A mezzanine connector is an electrical connector that connects PCB to another PCB. The term is commonly used when one PCB is arranged in a parallel manner, with one board placed above the other. Amphenol ICC offers a wide range of mezzanine connectors with exceptional performance.

ExaMEZZ® connectors are one of the prominent mezzanine connectors targeting high-speed signalling. The system enables 25Gb/s electrical performance and anticipates further increase in the bandwidth to 56Gb/s in the future.

With lowest insertion force, highest data rates and signal density TwinMEZZ connectors provide advanced electrical performance and meets design requirements of 20Gb/s mezzanine applications. TwinMEZZ connectors also feature Amphenol ICC's patented BGA connector termination for easy surface-mount attachment and efficient trace routing.

Amphenol ICC offers 0.50mm fine pitch MezzoStak® connectors, which can serve a wide range of applications with comprehensive position sizes and stack heights. They are efficient in demanding environments and highly reliable. These come in two versions that offer a choice between supplemental PCB hold-downs and pegs for short overall length.

High-density, high-speed, MEG-Array® connectors offers mechanical design flexibility with wide range of position sizes and PCB stack heights. 1.27mm x 1.27mm array of discrete circuit contacts allows flexible ground distribution to optimize high speed signal integrity at speeds up to 28Gb/s.

To meet future higher speed and smaller form factor challenges and application demands, the BergStak® family has progressed from 0.80mm pitch to finer pitch 0.40mm and also higher speed performance with BergStak+ and BergStak HS. These are also compatible with next-gen PCIe and SAS 3.0 with its higher speed and reliability.

As technology continues to transform industries, these performance attributes will support the next-generation product needs in automotive, communications, data, industrial/instrumentation, and consumer.