DesignCon 2018 is only a few days away and Amphenol ICC is all set for the big event with our latest product offerings, live demos, and technical presentations. We have presented our best interconnect solutions throughout the years, and have come up with innovations to meet your expectations this year.

Amphenol ICC’s Lynx™ low profile connectors are one of our major highlights for 2018.  With the fastest connection on 4-Rows, these connectors offer double the density in a 2-Row footprint. The 4-Row “array style” pin field allows pin-out flexibility for density and performance.

Ideally suited for board-to-board applications that require high-density, high-speed, single-ended or differential signaling, Lynx™ board-to-board mezzanine connectors feature low profile, narrow footprints (pin counts from 40 to 280), reliable contacts rated at 0.5A each, and flexible stacking heights spanning 4 – 7mm for 20+Gb/s applications and 8 – 10mm for 12Gb/s applications. In addition, connector performance meets PCIe Gen 4 specifications, and the product series is tolerant of misalignment and supports blind mating.

These product benefits make Lynx™ board-to-board mezzanine connectors suitable for a wide variety of applications such as hand-held devices, high speed cameras, mobile products, routers, servers, test boards and storage.

Visit us at DesignCon booth #833 to learn more about Lynx™ and the development of our coplanar and 56Gb/s product derivatives, which are targeted to launch by the end of 2018.