In these days of huge competition, it is essential to use creative tactics to promote your products & services. One key type of physical advertising is digital signage. As the name suggests, these are screens displaying digital content including, images, videos, live streaming of information in a LED or LCD wall. Digital signage comes in many forms. From the traffic indicators to the name of your favorite restaurant to huge outdoor advertisements and exhibitions, you cannot pass a lane without finding digital signage these days.

The concept of video walls emerged in the early 1990s, which went through constant evolutions to derive the bendable and transparent LED video walls today which work on LED and OLED technology.  LED lights, in general, have a longer life, extreme brightness, and better color display, avoiding unnecessary adjustments of color and convergence.

Apart from LED video walls, digital content also come to life in mobile digital displays and LED floors, captivating crowds with visually appealing displays. Added advantages to note are that digital signage are environmentally friendly and cost-effective given its durability and low maintenance. Digital signage is not only visually appealing but is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, as these are durable and easy to maintain.

As gesture-based technologies enter the digital signage landscape, they are bound to get more interactive and personalized. With a wave of the hand, pinching of the fingers, businesses can transform passive communication into an active one.

Amphenol ICC offers many connector solutions for digital signage. Some of the common connectors used in this arena include Boltrack, VerIO, Millipacs®, MRD SeriesMinitek® 1.50mm Wire-to-BoardcLGA® and cStack.

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