Open19 is an organization that focuses on bringing together a community of worldwide technology leaders to establish the next generation of design in 19” server racks. The foundation aims to standardize a new wave of open hardware and software solutions, thus making the industry more customizable, flexible, and economical.

Amphenol ICC is proud to partner with the Open19 Foundation again this year to showcase the Open19 power cable solution. We are the sole provider for the Open19 Power Cable. The Power Cable is based on CoolPower® SDM and can carry up to 35A per shelf. There are 4 power cables per system, 2 switch power cables, and 48 server connectors in one Open19, 19” system. Many tech adopters are showing great interest in Amphenol’s cable solution as well.

This year’s summit is based on the ‘Year of accelerated Open19 adoption’ theme. Amphenol ICC understood that one of the main goals of the Open19 project was speed optimization in data center builds. We worked directly with LinkedIn to offer a tool-less design and also worked with packaging engineers to create a packaging system that is more efficient when building data centers.

The combination of these features allows for maximum speed efficiency when it comes to rack assembly time. The Summit introduces this year, the rack building speed competition, which is sure to be a crowd favorite and will showcase our exciting product line.

The conference will take place on May 16th, 2019 at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, CA. It will begin at 8:00 am and end at approximately 7:30 pm. The event will consist of several presentations by Open19 executives and partners, demos, raffles, and much more.

Join us at the Open19 Foundation Summit. We look forward to seeing you at the conference this year!