Backplane connectors are basic electrical connectors that help in connecting one PCB to other. The backplane connector adds mechanical strength and stability to the design. These can be widely classified into 3 types based on their speed.

Low-speed Backplane Connectors

Low-speed backplane connectors like DIN 41612 were one of the first to be introduced in this field, and were commonly used in telecom industry that only supported speeds up to 1Gb/s. However, these are still in use and in high demand, as they serve many applications that require a lower speed. These backplane connectors are economical when compared to other higher speed versions available in the market today.

Mid-speed Backplane Connectors

Many industries and applications require connectors with speeds greater than 1Gb/s with reliable performance on a limited budget. This led to the introduction of mid-speed backplane connectors.  These are presently very high in demand as they meet speed requirements of 4Gb/s to 5Gb/s which is sufficient for many of the modular complex server systems.  Enhanced versions of Millipacs® and Metral® serve this purpose.

High-speed Backplane Connectors

With technological advancements, the need for faster data rates started increasing. This led to the introduction of high-speed backplane connectors. These were game changers in the industry as they set the benchmark for signal integrity performance. These were especially beneficial for huge data centers by large business groups like Google and Facebook.  Extending the speeds from 1Gb/s to as much as 112Gb/s today are ultra-high speed backplane connectors like Paladin®. Amphenol ICC Connectors like ExaMAX® stand out with a data rate of 56Gb/s and others including the XCede® Family and AirMax® offers data rates ranging from 20-25Gb/s. They are made with thick gold plating that enhances reliability, increases conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.

From low to medium, high to ultra-high-speed, Amphenol ICC offers a versatile range of backplane connectors that suit almost all applications.