Robots were primarily designed to do tedious, repetitive works that were difficult and dangerous for humans to handle or those tasks that required consistent precision. Robotic arms are the most popular robots used in industries today.  From rectangular geometry to joint spherical geometry, the robotic arms have evolved to meet the advancing demands.

The most advanced robotic arms have seven metal segments with six joints, meaning it can axle in six different ways, resembling a human arm movement that can pivot in seven degrees. There are step motors connected in all the joints. In larger units, they use hydraulics or pneumatics.

There is a stationary base to which other parts are assembled, a rotatable shoulder and elbow. Besides, there is an end effector, which can be replaced based on the task assigned to a robotic arm. End effectors can be anything from a holder that can move objects to spray painters for painting automotive, to grippers, grinders, welders, and vacuums suiting your application requirements. The exact repeated movements of the step motors aids in moving the robotic arm very accurately. There are also motion sensors attached to it, which ensures that the movements are in the right direction.

The movements and the pressure applied can be managed by an operator from a computer programmed for the robotics arms or through handheld controllers. There is a guarded area, ensuring safety and preventing the operators from getting hurt in any case. Once an object or operator gets within the predefined guarded area, the robotic arm will get automatically switched off or the operational speed will get reduced as it is programmed.

From tightening a lid of a jar and assembling precise nanochips into a computer to even supporting International Space Station experiments, the applications of robotic arms are immense and varied.

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