Every industry is developing to bring in innovative designs and technologies to make our life easier. Amphenol ICC, being the technological leader, is constantly developing products to set the standard for the industry, as well as custom solutions to meet each unique customer needs. 

Industry 4.0 is not a new term anymore. When the concept of Internet of Things was introduced, it aimed at creating an industrial atmosphere where the units within a factory are able to communicate with each other to create a smart factory set up. When Artificial Intelligence was combined with other fourth generation industrial revolution, automation of most sectors is made easy. 

At Amphenol ICC, we are committed to help companies realize the vision of Industry 4.0. We dedicate resources to develop products to meet the requirements. Our best-in-class harsh environment connectors are truly unique in the industry with sealed qualities and IP20/ IP54/ IP67/ IP68 functions. Some of the Industry 4.0 applications and products  include  PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5 connectors, PCIe M.2 , DDR4, DDR4 SO-DIMM, Modular Jack connectors, Harsh Environment & Filtered connectors, BergStak®, VerIO, BarKlip® , SheerPwr® circular connector, AirMax, GbX®, VHDM®, Lynx, and Flex connectors

Automotive is another sector that is going through substantial advancements. While automation in vehicle industry has begun a while ago, the days with fully automated cars taking up our roads are not far. We are trending towards producing high speed Ethernet for automotive applications along with high grade industrial connectors for Industrial 4.0 applications. Amphenol ICC provides the global quality, disciplines, and commitment to meet the demands and requirements of all these new technologies. NETBridge Automotive Ethernet Connector System and Minitek Microspace are some of our latest innovations. 

Meet us at Hall C2, Booth 147 from 13 to 16 November for Electronica 2018 at Messe München, to know more on these products directly from the experts. Stay tuned for more updates on Electronica.